SirLoin’s Babe Wednesday: Looking back on it

She Walks in Beauty She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that's best of dark and bright Meet in … [Read more...]


Two Non-Bandwagon Products I’m Using to Keep My Locks Moisturized this Summer

Summer in Southern California means dry heat that can shrivel everything...from the plants in my garden, to my skin and hair. Where my hair is … [Read more...]

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In Season in the “Beauty Garden”…Eggplant

Hot summer months means eggplants...and lots of them. You're probably noticing that these are on sale at your local market, so nows your chance to try … [Read more...]


Grow It in a Bag: Patio-To-Plate Encourages Container Gardening

As I turn off a dusty road in Temecula wine country, I can't help but be impressed with Catrina's green house, where she's growing just about … [Read more...]


QOTW: “Should I Move to More Interracial Relationship-Friendly Pastures?”

People move for jobs all the time. But what about packing your bags for the chance at … [Read more...]


Valid Excuse? Why You’re Not Seeing a New Post Today…

Well...most of you know I'm the mom of four children. An AMBITIOUS mom for four children. I decided that on the 11th birthday of my middle-ton, Chloe, … [Read more...]


The Evolution of a Swirler: One Guy Tells His Story

We often ponder over the idea of preference, but it's rare that we get a personal story from a man's perspective. What is more interesting is that … [Read more...]


The New and Improved. BB&W Open thread

Today is Father's Day tell us something nice about your old man.   … [Read more...]

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RIP Maya Angelou: A Phenomenal Woman Has Left the Building

Famed poet, activist, and author Maya Angelou has died at the age of 86. We send her family, friends and the literary community our heartfelt … [Read more...]


Femininity Series Part II: Why Black Women Aren’t Happier When They’re Pregnant

Not long ago a study released by Stephen Wu and Paul Hagstrom, both professors of economics at Hamilton College, revealed that black women aren't … [Read more...]

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Happy Humpday: A Tiny Ember or a Raging Inferno (Does Size Really Matter?)

Congratulations! You've made it to midweek. Only a few more days to go. So since you've got some time on your hands and may find yourself sitting … [Read more...]


Chef Bob: Alaskan Snow Crab Pasta Primavera

Alaskan Snow Crab Pasta Primavera Serves 24. Having a party, or just want to impress your friends?  This is the ultimate party food. A fresh veggie … [Read more...]


Snow Be Damned!! Container Gardening 101

CONTAINER GARDENING 101 I just thought I would write a quick article to answer this reader's question and for any one else out there who is … [Read more...]