90 Day Fiance: The Curious Case of Nicole and Azan

Written by Saran Lawson

I feel like 90 Day Fiance is one of those shows people watch but don’t actually realize other people watch it too. It’s like, you’re on facebook and someone in a group or on your feed talks about it. Then, you’re like…I WATCH THAT TOOOO! That’s basically what happens with my sister and me all the time. Over the seasons there have been some interesting couples that made me side eye the validity of the relationship. The most memorable for me Abby and Sean with their 27 year age gap. More memorable because at the time Abby from Haiti looked to be about 15 was only 20 and Sean about 47. I must say even with those two being suspicious for more than just the age gap, they haven’t been the most side-eye worthy. I think no fan on earth wanted to call B.S. faster on any show member as they did Nicole and Azan. The excuses that Azan has come up with for not marrying Nicole are as thin as the lies she tells to cover up his shady dealings. 

Here is the thing. No one is 100% sure Nicole isn’t financially supporting Azan and his family. On an episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Nicole began to look for a temp job to acquire funds for her vacation to Grenada. Grenada was chosen because it wasn’t a Muslim country like Morocco. Why does that matter? Azan and Nicole can’t stay together and do the things unmarried people like to do (wink wink) when they’re not married. She says during the confessional she needs to make money to support her daughter, and Azan (a grown man). “Sometimes it can be really challenging just to make ends meet to support me, May and Azan.”. When producers asked if Azan worked, she shrugged. The producer rephrased the question and she said, “He just hangs out with friends and stuff”. But, Azan canceled on the plans the night before the trip, citing a family emergency.   

Recently, when fans asked about Azan’s employment she said he makes his own money. The polar opposite of “He just hangs out with friends and stuff”. I’m not sure if this is a recent development or if she is lying to get the pressure off of her from fans. May 15th she reportedly took to her Instagram stories saying, “ I DO NOT send Azan money regularly”.  May 29th she wrote according to In Touch Weekly, “I don’t send money to Azan anymore. He makes his own money and I helped him out sometimes.” I’m not going to lie. I don’t believe her. 

If you are a regular watcher, she’s known to stretch the truth a time or a million. Beauty Store Gate was one of the biggest lies she told. Nicole and Azan canceled their wedding a second time to take Nicole’s $6000 in savings(for their wedding) to invest in a beauty store. However, on the premiere of Season 4, she said, “There is no store.”. Girl what?  That’s not all, she took to her Instagram stories to let us know…THERE IS NO $6000 dollars. WHAT?! Get this, she also said that producers didn’t tell them to say that. 

Let me tell you something. This couple is up to something. I personally think he’s lying to her, and she can’t accept it so she is lying to save face. That’s the only explanation for this couple being so shady. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, the first time they were to be married Azan’s K1 Visa was denied. She decided to live and marry in Morocco but didn’t bring the proper paperwork. The second time was because…oh right they never gave a real reason for the second time. The fake reason was that she took $6000 dollars in her savings to start a store with Azan. Except, that wasn’t true because there is no store or $6000. So, I guess we’ll have to wait for the real story on Grenada.

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