Video: The ONE Thing that Will Disqualify You From High Society

I was on a private etiquette forum today and someone asked what is one thing a woman does that is an instant turn off. By and large, the men said profanity. This isn’t a post about what men like, but I want to perhaps proffer why coarse language from a woman is so much more jarring. So much emphasis has been focused on women recapturing their femininity, because so many of us are clueless on how to develop it.

Profanity is aggressive and meant to be jarring. That’s not congruent with femininity. So many social justice warriors for radical feminism simply want to take the “feminine” aspect out of the entire movement. Being a feminist doesn’t mean you have to curse like a man and spit on the sidewalk (both of which are equally gross when men do it).

Cursing also shows to the people around you that you lack the wit and vocabulary to effectively communicate your points. However, a few well-placed curse words when needed WILL get your point across but should be used as sparingly you do a fire extinguisher. Copious cursing devolves into meaningless noise. When people don’t expect that f-bomb because you crossed too many lines, you have, indeed, made your point.

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