Yes…Call it a Comeback! I’m Back on YouTube!

After almost 10 years, I’ve decided to revamp my channel. Why? Because when I looked at the scope of what has been available for black women who truly want to stay positive, improve their lives, and exchange valuable knowledge, I saw so much lacking. Tons of gossip and drama channels, ridiculous and unnecessary “YouTube beefs” between content creators and needless bullying.
I truly believe that most of us want positive and useful content that is elevating and has our elevation and enrichment at the center. Positive and informative content, especially with black women in mind.
When you visit my channel, you will definitely notice a lot of changes! A new name, a recommitment of purpose, and investment in giving you the quality content you deserve. Why not grab some wine, relax, and take a look and listen of the seven new videos I’ve uploaded, and let me know what you think! 
This latest video is about an experience I haven’t often seen discussed in public: What to expect when you marry outside your race and outside your class. As the hypergamy discussion continues to heat up on YouTube, I’m proud that I’m able to give an additional perspective. You can view it here.
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