New Year, New Me: Relationship Goals for the New Year

New Year, New Me: Relationship Goals for the New Year

written by Saran Lawson

I know everyone has heard the yearly New Year slogan, New Year, New Me. It’s actually laughable to a lot of us, because we see someone post it to their social media, and nothing changes. They are literally the same old me from last year. The only thing different is the number changed on the calendar. Yet, I think that pushing yourself and setting goals for the new year is helpful. Maybe you won’t hit the goal on the mark, but you can realize the little changes that came about.  It’s a reason why January is the start of fitness season. Physical Health goals are number one with New Year’s resolutions. None the less, there are other goals to have for the New Year. Let’s focus on making relationship a priority for the New Year. So, here is my playlist of Resoultions.

Love Yourself – Justin Bieber:

 Ru Paul said it best,“ If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love someone else.” That my friend is gospel. There is nothing wrong with getting a therapist. Or even, joining a support group to work on your emotional health. Relationships are give and take, and its mighty hard to give something that you don’t have. You also don’t want to always be in the taking position, emotionally, with nothing to offer. Energy banks can run dry when there is nothing being deposited. At the top of your vision board should be how to love your self and go on a discovery of what that means for you.

Talk – Coldplay:

No one is the perfect communicator. Even if you know mostly all of the communication rules, you could still use a refresher class. I talk a lot about communication in my articles, and there is a reason for that. The issue that plagues a lot of relationships is the failure to communicate properly. I’m going to suggest something that I suggested in the goal above, counseling. That is one thing that people think they are above or maybe think it’s too early in their relationship to seek. Counseling and therapy should be looked at no differently than going to the gym to tune your body. These sessions help us to do things that we fall short in by ourselves. It will help you discover things that you may have missed.

Keep it Fresh – Cherish:

 When you get to a point when a date means picking out something to binge on Netflix. You have a problem. Try to involve each other in your hobbies. Try new things like going hiking together sometime. You could even cook a Parisian inspired meal and decorate the room to mimic Paris. Get into the habit of discovering new things about and with each other. Set a reminder ahead of time if you have to. But make sure you think of new ways to bond together outside of hanging out on the couch.

The moral of the story is to make sure you are setting goals for your relationship as well as for your body. There is nothing wrong with having relationship goals.  Love is a wonderful thing, especially when it is healthy. What are your goals for 2019? Sound off in the comment section below.


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