For the Guys: Seduce Her Mind, Her Body Will Follow!

Muscular male back

I will be the first to admit I spend WAY too much time on Facebook. Judge me if you like, but I "LIKE" it. And plus, that's how I get you all so much … [Read more...]

Breaking ‘Swirling’ News! Gallup Poll Shows Record Approval for Interracial Relationships

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The worm has turned. The wind has changed direction. The GAT-DL has been defeated. Because according to Gallup, which is like, the GOLD STANDARD … [Read more...]

Online Dating Success: E-Harmonizes Alex and Becca!

becca and alex

To all those of the BB&W Crew who are cynical and discouraged about online dating, take heart. It's not all bad. Alex and Becca (you know her, she's … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: Why Do The Women in the ‘Keep It Real’ Crew Care So Much If We Date Rainbeaus?

interracial couple

No specific person asked this question; it's more like a conglomeration of people wondering out loud why the cuss the 'Keep it Real' crew cares … [Read more...]

Mr. “Is Marriage for White People?” Himself Talks to BB&W


Rick Banks got a lot of push-back when he was featured in the Wall Street Journal and Essence and he told black women they should do what every other … [Read more...]

Well, Dang!! Interracial Marriages Up 67.5% in Just Three Years! GAT-DL’s Heads Explode Across the Country.

Ladies, grab your passports, cuz he's single!

I have a Spanish friend (a real one, from Spain) named Iván López. You've probably seen his comments on here from time to time. But when it's day … [Read more...]

The Aftermath of Dr. Ralph: Piddly Comebacks and Unwarranted Outrage!

three black women

I've been avoiding this discussion for the last week mainly because was on deadline for the book and Simon & Schuster was threatening to take The … [Read more...]

Say Whaaaa?! September Issue of “Essence” Has Special Feature on Swirling?


Well, well, well. Take a look at the bottom right of the cover of the September issue. Perhaps Michael Bullerdick has jumped right in in the … [Read more...]

Chapter Snippet: The Personal IS NOT the Political

Peter and Marian Edelman

Three. more. days. Three days, and The Book That Won't Die will finally have to give up the ghost. I'm working on a chapter that basically gives … [Read more...]

You’ve Seen It First Here! Enuka’s Wedding Photo!

enuka marriage

Last week we saw the cute engagement pictures of Enuka and her new hubster, Joe. As promised, here's the Rookie Blue actress in all her martrimonial … [Read more...]