interracial couple

Sample Chapter: Swirling, Culture & Family; Is it Just Easier to Be with a White Dude?

This is a touchy subject, so I've got to make sure this is right. I know a lot of you BB&W readers are swirling with Asian, Hispanic, Middle … [Read more...]


“Rookie Blue’s” Enuka Okuma Wedding. Engagement Pics & Video!

Oh joy! Anderson Public Relations came through with lovely pictures of Enuka Okuma and her new husband, Joe. And if by chance, you haven't heard of … [Read more...]

booty girl

Fun(ny) Fact: Why Men LURVES Round, Juicy Booties

Continuing to write The Book that Won't Die, I came upon a very in-ter-est-ing evolutionary justification for why men love round, juicy, … [Read more...]

flowers and a date

Another Snippet of a Chapter: The Three-Date Rule

So based on my own experiences, reading enough relationship books to give me a PhD, talking to experts, couples, the Wise Ones of the BB&W Crew, I … [Read more...]

poll daddy results

The Results Are In! Surprising Results to Political Views of Rainbeaus.

Looks like the theory about the "independent/loner/leader" has some basis in real life, because most of the 150+ respondents said this: Some of … [Read more...]

overweight white woman

White Women Having Black Women’s Burden?

Sweet Jesus, if I covered my eyes I'd swear she was black. Hmmm... So much to say. Will keep it to myself for now, but would love for you … [Read more...]

Well, at least she came.

Swirling with Older Rainbeaus–Don’t Be So Quick to Judge.

Conversations often pop up 'round these parts about online dating disasters. Many bemoan that the only non-black men who answer their or … [Read more...]

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HEEELLLPPP! Politics and Rainbeau Dating

We interrupt the previously-scheduled "Hottie of the Week" feature to announce that your host, Christelyn D. Karazin, is on deadline for her book, … [Read more...]


BB&W Featured on the Nathan Ivey Show!

Well, I was a bit nervous at first, I'll admit that. The last time Nathan and I had a conversation on Facebook I de-friended him because he was being … [Read more...]

thinking girl

What’s Wrong with Mainstream ‘Black Fiction?’

To piggy-back on the whole, "Who-would-you-pick-for-a -IRR-blockbuster?" post, I wanted to touch quickly on what the heck is wrong with books like … [Read more...]

Guitar babe

Is Natural Hair Black Man Repellent?

I realize this may be a sensitive subject for some of the ladies here and I bet the three black dudes who read this blog are getting ready to spit … [Read more...]

ranier and his girl

Online Helps Black Women and Asian Men Hook the Heck Up Already. (but proceed with caution)

I'm going to be honest. I have never dated an Asian dude. AND! I never thought about it. After all, why check after dudes that aren't checking for … [Read more...]

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It’s Loving Day!

Do you know how much your swirling ancestors went through so you could holla, date and marry and procreate with that person sleeping next to you this … [Read more...]