Quit-cha Job; Do the Couple Hustle!

I ran into this Kapow!-er couple a couple weeks ago at the Natural Products Expo, which is like trick-or-treat and Christmas for health nuts all in one, gigantic air-conditioned building. Picture this. I got there hungry, with absolutely no cash, because parking is a big, pulsing, stinking pock of a rip off. I left with a full stomach. Of everything. Yum…potstickers. Yum…jumbo shrimp. Yum…blueberry martinis. PLUS! I got enough samples to last me until next year, when I will come with a hiker’s backpack and pockets deep enough to touch my ankles.

But back to these guys. You know why I like them? It’s not just because I like the idea of all-natural products for youngins, but that they started the hustle together. They also have a great “how we met” story. NOTE: Thier site is

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