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HEEELLLPPP! Politics and Rainbeau Dating

We interrupt the previously-scheduled “Hottie of the Week” feature to announce that your host, Christelyn D. Karazin, is on deadline for her book, Swirling: Hot to Date, Mate & Relate, Mixing Race, Culture & Creed. We apologize that some of the ladies here may have to put aside their vibrators. (It’s Sunday anyway you heathens! No sex thoughts on the Lord’s Day!!)

Karazin is in in DESPERATE need of feedback of this survey. After all she’s done for you, she’s calling in the ONE, ITTY, BITTY, FAVOR. And all who don’t respond, she is working with the local witch doctor for a special voodoo hex to put upon you.

To avoid the hex, please answer the survey. Feel free to elaborate with a comment or two.

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