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Foxy Black Chick Arielle Loren Packs it Up to Brazil!

My galpal and fellow writer Arielle Loren has announced to friends and family that she’s packing up out of Gotham City and will soon be the newest Brazilian resident. I met Arielle during my New York trip and she dropped the news and thought, HEY! I’ll bet some folks here might be interested in just how the heck she did it.

She wrote this in her good-bye note:

In July, I will be moving to Salvador (Bahia), Brasil to join a local Artists-in-Residence program to finally finish writing my memoir and for the first time, live as a full time creative. My excitement is indescribable and I ask that you keep me in your prayers as I make a much-needed transition into a new country, better lifestyle, and full throttle pursuit of the craft that I’m most passionate about. I can finally feel my courage thriving.

As many of you know, it takes an immense amount of bravery to turn down a steady paycheck in pursuit of artistic pleasure. But frankly, those of us who live, eat, sleep, and breathe our passions eventually cannot have any distractions. And I’ve chosen to step out on faith and nurture my writing career.


Read the complete manafesto on her blog,

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