Once Upon a Time: The Origin of Preference

woman holding egg

When I feature a "hottie" every week, I'm in the enviable position to shrink their heads and find out why they have a preference for we melanin-rich … [Read more...]

Dismantling Preconceived Notions One Interview at a Time!

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Hey ladies, meet Ryan Sandberg (doesn't have just the most delicious mouth??). I met him at Blog World, and he's moving to San Diego, the home base … [Read more...]

Where Dayaaaat?! Nerdy Conventions Are a Rainbeau Smorgasbord

Blog World me and the guys

So I went to Blog World in Los Angeles on Friday, and all's I can say is that I'm so glad I have a press pass, because NO WAY was that convention … [Read more...]

Paul Carrick Brunson Talks Pink Shirt Dude; Black Portrayals in the Media; Surprise Announcement!


Me and my buddy Paul chatted today and he gave me the skinny on what happened back stage on last Friday's cluster-cuss of a Dr. Drew show. Crazy Pink … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Coffee Talk: Non-College Educated Rainbeaus Need Not Apply?

sexy blue collar guy

Still having flashbacks of Pink Shirt Dude as I write this, but if that bonehead did one good thing, he's inspired a whole lot of discussion about … [Read more...]

Black People Hijacking Biracials!


My pal, Lorraine Spencer wrote an in-ter-esting Facebook note about Tom Sizemore's 'coming out' about having a black grandfather and mother. The first … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning News Review: NPR on Interracial Marriage–Blacks Picked Last.

Is it just me, or is there a groundswell of news surrounding America's changing marital patterns? Nope. It's not. It's quite the hot topic of … [Read more...]

History of Swirling in the UK…A Boon for Black, African Men?


My pal on Facebook, Dennis Wells sent this program to me to review, and I must say, it's interesting, and extremely biased. Take a … [Read more...]

When ‘The Swirl’ Never Blends: What If Family Never Accepts the Union, Even in Death?


It's amazing the people I meet who read this blog. I'm so humbled by it, and often moved to tears by some of the stories people share with me, like … [Read more...]

New FB Trend: “I Love Black Girls!”

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I'll admit it makes me smile whenever I see a guy wear a T-shirt that says this or post a big pic on his Facebook profile picture that says this loud … [Read more...]