The Best Interracial Dating Resources for Black Women

It’s a new year and with it, perhaps new incentive to finally pursue what you want! While many people still believe interracial relationships are some … [Read more...]

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I Don’t Hate Myself, I Just Hate Ratchetry.

As you might imagine, I get a lot of people accusing me of hating myself because of the nature of my work. Somehow, telling black women they are … [Read more...]

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What is Wrong with the Black Man? (Written by a Black Man)

Someone posted a quote from this citation on my You Tube channel and could hardly believe it was written by a Nigerian man. I'm reposting it, knowing … [Read more...]


Dear “Nuttin’ Butta Brotha Women”: An Open Letter

  Dear "Nothing But A Brother" and "I Don't Date White Guys" black women, How do you feel? Is your holiday season all you'd hope it would … [Read more...]


“If Black Men See Us With White Men, It Will Scare Them Away!” O_o

I don't know how many ways it can be said that in this life you are free to choose and love whoever you wish. Or that spaces like this featuring women … [Read more...]

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Okay, then. So Let’s Talk About Black Women And Our “Hate”

I was thinking since we were talking about the word "desperate" being thrown around, why not bring it around to another word that certain people like … [Read more...]

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A Vocation that Gives You the Ticket to Travel Is…

We talk a lot about how travel can change your outlook and how you see yourself and how others see you. But most jobs won't allow you to jump up and … [Read more...]


Is This Blog Making Black Women Look Desperate?

This is a blog that frequently discusses love and relationships. The"Swirling" book that is on the side of the page advertises a desire to seek love … [Read more...]


Well THAT Explains a Lot: New Study Reveals Fatherlessness Changes a Child’s Brain Structure

Findings released by the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center in the journal Cerebral Cortex, have found a link between … [Read more...]

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The Dumbest Reasons Offered For Why Black Women Should Stay Fat

I have been actively working on being a smaller weight for about a year or so (inactively for a few years before that. I observed that my initial … [Read more...]


Video: Kola Boof Speaks Her Truth About “Black Consciousness” in America

Worth the view, I promise. She addresses the treatment of dark-skinned black women by the black community, and explains why she married a white, … [Read more...]


“Legion of Doom Mothers,” Lead Their Children Like Lambs to Slaughter.

Last week, a power outage in our area left us with no cable television.  It was a little early for my children's bedtime so I popped in a DVD --  … [Read more...]


WTF?! People GLEEFUL Over Our Negative News…Plus a Sobering Acknowledgement.

I won't provide the link to soul-killing garbage that apparantly indicates that black women are picked last in online dating, because, really...what's … [Read more...]