Have A Seat, Bigots: No Self-Respecting Swirl-Minded Person Is Checking For You!


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How Do Black Women Respond When Someone “Pulls Rank”?


This post is a bit tricky because it deals with the issue of  intersectionality. I strongly suggest people read up on the term and who is impacted. I … [Read more...]

Why We Don’t Talk About Black Men: A Response Post Of Sorts…


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All The People Crying About Letters And Conspiracy Theories: Go Get Your Life!


Sometimes when black women say they are moving forward, they are instead stalling themselves by continuously looking back. Someone wisely referred to … [Read more...]

The Five Stages of Black Woman Grief, Part 2: Bargaining and Depression

Sad naked girl

This post is meant to continue where the first part left off.   Stage Three: The Bargaining Black Woman   As stated in the first … [Read more...]

To Whom It May Concern: Black Skin Is “International”.


I admit, I had fallen off the fashion reality show bandwagon long before Tyra completely lost her mind with these latest seasons of "America's Next … [Read more...]

The Five Stages of Black Woman Grief, Part 1


I have observed behaviors in black women, self included, that made me think of the Kübler-Ross model or "Five Stages of Grief". Many black women have … [Read more...]

Recognizing the Necessity and Importance of Dark-Skinned Feminine Beauty Part II


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Episode VI: Return of the Memo for the Ongoing Battle With the GAT-DL


A Long Time Ago, On An Interracial Relationship Blog Not Too Far Away .... GAT-DL WARS     *scrolling … [Read more...]

Damaged vs. Damaged Beyond Repair vs. Work-in-Progress: What’s the Difference?


The words "Damaged Beyond Repair" or  "DBR" get thrown around a lot in BWE-centric and similar spaces. But what does it mean? In truth, there are two … [Read more...]

Monogamy Isn’t A Condom: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

trojan condom

First, I strongly recommend everyone read this article and watch the video on the subject.   Pay special attention to these parts … [Read more...]