A “Twisted” Commentary On Black Women As TV Love Interests


I confess, as someone who doesn't watch ABC Family (the programming is a bit "young" for me much of the time), the show "Twisted" was not on my radar. … [Read more...]

Black Women: How BOLD Are You? Steps to Show You How.

Posing Young Woman

Something I've been working on is my level of mental and emotional boldness. I don't mean being brash or careless, but bold. To be bold and be a black … [Read more...]

Why Do Some Black Women Consider Marriage “The Enemy”? Part I


I am about to share with you one of my favorite of Aesop's Fables. It's called, "The Fox  and the Grapes": One hot summer's day a Fox was strolling … [Read more...]

All’s Fair In Love And War: Swirl Edition, Interracial Dating Saboteurs


There are few areas of life as competitive as love. For example, did you know the reason sexy British swirler David Bowie has his trademark eyes is … [Read more...]

Have A Seat, Bigots: No Self-Respecting Swirl-Minded Person Is Checking For You!


I was initially going to write a post in response to this hilarious hot mess of an article. But given the recent influx of misplaced members of the … [Read more...]

How Do Black Women Respond When Someone “Pulls Rank”?


This post is a bit tricky because it deals with the issue of  intersectionality. I strongly suggest people read up on the term and who is impacted. I … [Read more...]

Why We Don’t Talk About Black Men: A Response Post Of Sorts…


This is an unusual response post for me; I'm actually not in opposition to what was written in Brenda's very intensive post. It's actually one that … [Read more...]

All The People Crying About Letters And Conspiracy Theories: Go Get Your Life!


Sometimes when black women say they are moving forward, they are instead stalling themselves by continuously looking back. Someone wisely referred to … [Read more...]

The Five Stages of Black Woman Grief, Part 2: Bargaining and Depression

Sad naked girl

This post is meant to continue where the first part left off.   Stage Three: The Bargaining Black Woman   As stated in the first … [Read more...]

To Whom It May Concern: Black Skin Is “International”.


I admit, I had fallen off the fashion reality show bandwagon long before Tyra completely lost her mind with these latest seasons of "America's Next … [Read more...]