Episode VI: Return of the Memo for the Ongoing Battle With the GAT-DL

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Episode VI: Return of the Memo


In the past, there had been previous attempts to communicate to persons operating at the behest of the self-appointed Guardians-of-all-things-dark-and-lovely (aka “The Empire”) to understand that spaces targeted at black women who are interested in interracial dating and are largely centered on these black women’s best interests (A) are NOT black love sites (B) as such, do not function in order to kowtow to persons who hate the idea of black women dating interracially or are hellbent on blocking such women’s attempts to do so. Additionally, (C) feel there are other spaces better prepared to obsess over “black love”, and we remain puzzled why such persons don’t make their way there, instead of trying to make IRR-sites into black love nests.

Persons who advocate interracial relationships and social freedom for black women (aka “The Rebel Alliance”) intend to continue to promote the belief that black women must choose men according to vetting skills that place absolutely no emphasis on whether or not the man in question is black. And if a black woman simply decides she doesn’t want to date or marry a black man, there’s nothing whatsoever The Empire can do about it. So long as she’s living her life and being happy, there’s no reason for her to care that the Sith consider her a “traitor”, “gold-digger”, “thinks she’s too good for black men”, “may think she’s all that but at the end of the day, she’s still black (because that’s bad?)” or whatever Jedi mind tricks are going these days in order to keep persons under the Empire’s control.

As so, we come to the latest memo. It is meant to communicate to persons who “hate-lurk” this and similar spaces that no matter how long they elect to mouth-breathe in these parts, black women here are not interested in their thoughts on ANYTHING. Especially our own preferences and wellbeing. It is also meant to communicate some things to people who fell into this space by accident and don’t quite know what’s going on.

First, “The Empire” is not happy with all the attention black women are getting these days. Suffice it to say….THEY MAD. Because time and energy black women are dedicating to themselves and their happiness is not time and energy being misplaced to run behind some black man who doesn’t want them or seeks to use and abuse them. Is not time and energy being wasted waiting around for people who hate them to approve of them and their happiness (yeah, that’s never gonna happen). It’s also made it increasingly hard to sell the lie that black women are not wanted and are undesirable. We’re beginning to see more and more black women on the arms of powerful and influential men of ALL races, and the more that happens, the weaker “The Empire” becomes.

Secondly, in a last ditch effort to prevent this, Emperor Kneegrowplease has attempted to execute Order What-The-Cuss,  a mental override code intended to stop the flow of persons joining the Rebellion. The hope is this code will effectively shut down black women moving away from black group think that works against them, and at the same time promote the lie that THE MAN (TM) wants to break up black households and send black women off to be with white men and black men off to be with white women. Thus destroying black love forever.

Anyone with a functioning brain can see the hole-ridden texture of this logic. Remember, Africa? It’s a continent. And last I heard, there were a lot of black people there. And yet to hear the some black Americans talk WE hold the key to all blackness everywhere and if we go so does all of Blackdom. Nevermind the black people you’ll find all over the world. English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, French-speaking, etc. All over the place, all continuing to exist and procreate. In other words, contrary to what Order What-The-Cuss would have you believe, “black love” isn’t being endangered by anything other than people who have no concept of what love is.

Love is NOT dictating to people their happiness based on your own fear, ignorance and hate. Love is NOT feeling you are helping black women by telling them how unwanted, unloveable, and terrible they are because they are black women and the only use they have for the world involves their vagina (it does not matter how badly you abuse the thesaurus to get that point across. It’s still ugly and you’re operating from a place of hate). And also, if you cared that much about black love, you would be out living it, instead of sitting around complaining about other people getting their life. You would not believe something so ridiculous as the fact that black men are being FORCED into the arms of anything lighter or brighter than dark-skinned, “nappy haired” black women. LOL. The BS is strong with that one.

Meanwhile black women hadn’t dated out primarily because of lies, fairy tales, and fallacies. But the script has been flipped and there’s no reversing it.

And to close, let these following points be the T-65 X-wing starfighter getting ready to take out the Death Star:

– More and more black women are going to date and marry interracially and haters can get mad and burn up. There’s nothing they can do about it.

– Yes, black women who marry tend to have better marriage rates than other groups. What do you think will happen when people who WANT to be married and STAY married get wind of that fact? Well while pressed persons spend the rest of the day adding one and one, how about the rest of us move to the next point….

– A black woman’s life and happiness belongs TO HERSELF FIRST AND FOREMOST. Not the black community. Not the black church. Not to so-called black leaders. Not to black family members and friends who would rather hold her back than see her live her own life merely because they disagree with her. So such persons need to get a clue and have a seat.

Anyway, that is all. Excuse me while I go bullseye womp rats in my T-16. o/

*I know someone is gonna want to stroll in here and go on about how they are black and married black (why are you here exactly, particularly if you are here hating on black women wanting to date/marry interracially? This IS an interracial blog. It always amazes me how many people miss that….). Well, good for you. No, seriously. That’s wonderful. However, your bubble doesn’t make the reality of OOWness and African American black male unwillingness to partake in marriage at a decidedly lower rate than other groups less of an issue or a concern to black women today. Other women of other ethnic groups want to be married? They think there’s nothing wrong with it AND NEITHER DO THE MEN IN THEIR ETHNIC GROUP. You know, the ones who take the initiative and make it happen. Black women today want to be married…they are told they are an “exception” and have black men telling them, “Oh black women don’t want to be married”.  Hmm.
Two facts to take with you when you leave: First, this isn’t 1973, please stop preaching facts like time stood still and black men haven’t abandoned black womanhood EN MASSE. It’s not a “great white conspiracy”. It’s the choice of a lot of black men. Second, black women are human beings. They are not a separate species. African American women may have been increasingly socialized to not expect to be married (to black men, who aren’t asking), but that can and will change as other men step up to the plate.
Have a good day.
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