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Have A Seat, Bigots: No Self-Respecting Swirl-Minded Person Is Checking For You!

I was initially going to write a post in response to this hilarious hot mess of an article. But given the recent influx of misplaced members of the Stormfront community attempting to troll a recent post, I figure it’s best to generalize a wee bit. It’s basically the same cast of characters: Bigots who are insecure in their own identity and have no idea what it means to be a fully independent-minded human being.


To said bigots, I present this empty stadium. It may take you awhile to work your way around. You might have to miss a couple of days of work. There may be an awkward pause as you remove your head from between your butt cheeks. However, I insist that you to take the time necessary to place your rear in all the available spaces where a person could possibly have a seat. At least so that you can spend your time elsewhere and not breathing your garlic-and-sweat-soaked-sock-smelling hot breath in the conversational spaces of people with better things to do than hear your ignorant and ugly opinions.




I can’t believe it would have to be said so bluntly, since it just always seemed so obvious. However, there are clearly  enough people so utterly confused by the notion that it bears repeating:




I broke it up for easier reading comprehension where applicable.


Yes, the question was asked in the “Why Would You Date or Marry a Known Racist?” post. But that does not mean that there are black women occupying IRR relationship blogs and communities dreaming of their very own Klu-Klux-Klan member. If that’s what you think, go back to whatever “white power” corner of the internet you came from. False alarm. All you brother-cousins keeping it in the family in order to ensure “racial purity” need not concern yourselves with black women and our dating habits. We’ll be just fine, thank you.


As for NBAB black women, I actually continue to not care whether or not some black women loudly declare that they’ll only allow a black penis inside them. “Love” is not about color, so please do not think I’m going to use that word to define your malfunction. It’s the skin color you’re hung up on, not the emotion. So if you are that hard up for black men, have at it, chica. I for one will not stop you, brow-beat you, or agonize over your personal decision to never date interracially EVER!

I will instead go on record as saying I am not inclined to lose sleep over black women who are absolutely adamant about not dating interracially. From a competitive point of view, that’s one less woman I have to worry about. o/ And from an empathetic point of view, I would not wish any non-black man waste their time with these women.


It’s only annoying when these women attempt to tie their decision to all black women. If that’s you, please realize that you don’t get to align your bigotry with my racial identity. You don’t get to stand up on your sad little soapbox and try to play the “true black women only date and marry black men” game. Because one’s bloodline is not so flimsy that it comes and goes based on who they elect to date. If you want to not date someone because of the color of their skin or their ethnic heritage, say it and own it as a PERSONAL decision. Keep the identities, inclinations, and achievements of other black women out of your mouth.


If you don’t know who the hell you are beyond what the race your significant other is, go get a clue. If you don’t know that dating black women doesn’t entitle you to be a racist piece of crap or stop you from being one, go get a clue (and leave every black woman alone forever, thank you).


To whom it may concern: Interracial relationships and the children that come forth are a permanent reality. This cannot and will not be undone. If it makes you uncomfortable, who cares? Go be uncomfortable in the corner. No one will miss you.


And please, don’t make the mistake of thinking you are in danger if other people express an interest in interracial dating. Instead, go ahead and clarify what kind of person you are as soon as possible. That way your “admirers” can stop wasting their time thinking better of you than you deserve.

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