“A Beautiful Burden” One Man’s Commentary on Managing Cultural Differences

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By "Zac Onbothsides"   Ok. We’ve established that there’s an attraction, we’ve even talked about the awkwardness of expressing it,  or … [Read more...]

BB&W Fan, ‘Dr. PhillyGirl’: How International Travel Changed My Life

Packaged Earth

We are always on the look out for great stories of black women doing great things. Luckily we have only the look in our own back yard.  One on our … [Read more...]

Active Voice…..

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Voice. Diction. Structure. Restriction. Nouns. Verbs. Adjectives. Words. Don't pretend u can't understand me at … [Read more...]

“My Name is NOT Baby,” a Rant About Street Harassment and Discrimination

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  One day, I was standing outside of a store waiting for my dad to meet me. While I was waiting, I made a phone call to my mom. While I was on the … [Read more...]

Confessions From a Woman Struggling with Her Sanity…Can You Relate?

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Writing has always been my escape from life. I understood, at a very early age, that no one really gave a fuck about what happened to me. My job as a … [Read more...]

Leona’s Love Quest: The Final Chapter

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It’s hard to believe that two years ago right before Valentine’s Day I sat down at my desk and crafted my introduction to "Leona’s Love Quest." My … [Read more...]

“I Love You. So Before You Tell Me Why I Should Watch ’12 Years as a Slave” Consider This…”

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That I think about slavery every day. And have for as long as I can remember. Every time I look into my eyes, big and brown like Harriet’s and … [Read more...]

Perfectly Mixed: “What’s In My Hair”

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Excerpt written by Abby Allen, creator of "Perfectly Mixed," documenting the interracial experience in America through stories and professional … [Read more...]

One Writer’s Response to Tracy Renee Jones.

Reader Response

By Don Rice I'd like to thank Tracy Renee Jones for inspiring me to write this rant. When I first came to this blog, I loved it; it was a safe … [Read more...]

Photo of the Day: Me and Ben Carey, Lead Guitarist for Lifehouse!


As if I needed another reason to love my town, me and The Husbster go out on Saturday to a fledging restaurant and lo and behold we see Ben Carey, the … [Read more...]