Active Voice…..









Don’t pretend u can’t understand me at all.

Pakistani Haitian Patois Southern drawl.





You miss the connection through misunderstanding and politely Correcting.

Those who control their own words and not follow imperial direction.

Dangling participles.

Un-kept principals.

Melded nuptials.

Recognize that blended speech is now the precious ability to reach.

Subject and predicates.


Arrogant cultural pre-dictates.


Being bi-dialectic and continually respected we move in between groups.

Both thug and suits.

Do u use active or passive voice?

Embracing silence do to cowardly choice.

I speak on behalf of the mute.

When I hear ignorance I must dispute.

Complex conjunctive adverbs still equate silly words.

Independent clauses become stronger via appropriate pauses.

Bound by relative pronouns.

Chained with consonant sounds prepositions and interrogatives are no way for a growing soul to live.

When it comes to relevant standard there is no such thing in real life as propra grammar.

Be ye not judgmental and oh so vein to think all people desire to speak the same

My words are just as relevant as long as they are cognizant.

Melded, molded and fused or however they come.

I am part of the people that speak a thousand tongues.

The fluid movement of language is mistaken for carnage

O, Say can u c how verbal ability consistent-lee reacts to life and gives birth?

Words are eternal that means long after ur time here on Earth.

Buy the book…save the world. It’s that simple….Me Being Anonymous available on Amazon. Motivated to kick poetry, thanks to @EarthJeff and his colorful language utilizing offspring. May she always be able to find the right words to speak her mind! As should we all.

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