The Secret to My Bodacious ‘Fro Is…

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Well, it's probably a combination of things. I've been taking a slew of hair vitamins that actually work, but I've recently added another to the … [Read more...]

Namaste Your Way to Sexy: September is National Yoga Month!


September is National Yoga Month, and now's the time to jump on the bandwagon, because yoga studios all over the country are offering FREE YOGA … [Read more...]

Tried and True: Hair Vitamins that REALLY Work.


We've all been there, walking down the vitamin aisle looking for vitamins that will transform our hair from this...   To this... In … [Read more...]

Day Twelve of 28 Days of Heart Health: New Studies Say Fish Oil Not Effective Protection Against Heart Disease


Well this is disappointing news. Looks like all the promotion about fish oil lending protection against heart disease might have been more gimmick … [Read more...]

Buh-Bye Achy Joint Mornings: My New, Greatly Improved Beauty, Strength, and Vitality Shake


Mornings can be really tough on me. Sometimes I wake up with shoulder pain, lower back aches and knee pain. Since I've not had any injuries, I'm … [Read more...]

Got a Sweet Tooth? Fish Oil: A Unlikely Alternative for Sugary Syrup On Ice Cream


This is Year Two of me giving up refined carbohydrates and dramatically reducing my overall sugar intake to 15-20 grams per day. It sounds like very … [Read more...]

Iron Deficiency May Be Missing Link to Healthy Hair Growth


If you're a hairlista, you might be aware that protein, B vitamins, green veggies, and lot of water are all key components to healthy, growing hair. … [Read more...]

Product Pick: Ever Heard of Sea Buckthorn Oil?


It's good for your skin, girly parts, heart, liver, guts and immunity. It was recently blessed by the great Dr. Oz as a fat-fighting supplement. It's … [Read more...]

Health: BB&W Talks Heavy Periods With Dr. Ko

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Beyond Black & White had a chat with Dr. Christine Ko, expert on women's health with an emphasis on alternative medicine. She's the lead doc for … [Read more...]

Being Fashionable is not just about aesthetics but about health


As everyone know I am the resident fashion and beauty queen here at BB&W and although I love everything beauty and fashion, I want to address … [Read more...]

Health: “Ew! What’s That Smell?!” Seven Ways to Combat Body Odor Under Your Arms and Va-Jay-Jay


It always happens on the first date, a job interview or before public speaking. If you're anything like me, nerves, heat and sweat can cause body … [Read more...]