59% Of Black Women Have Multiple Fathers. I’m One of Them, But…


  This little bit of go-kill-yourself news appeared on my Facebook feed this evening... Black Women: 59 Percent Have Multiple Babies’ … [Read more...]

Newsflash to The Entitled: Pastors Have the Right of Refusal Blessing Out-of-Wedlock Babies

ng whitney houston funeral 3 180212

Fox 2 News Headlines Before I get into the meat of this issue I want to present a scenario to you. Imagine if you will, a couple attending a strict … [Read more...]

Is Marriage Only For The Rich?

doubtful bride

No, it's not only for the rich. One might think so after reading this article in the Atlantic. Gone are the Cinderella days when a poor or working … [Read more...]

Did Miriam Carey Have to Die?


Last Thursday, Miriam Carey, a 34-year-old mother of one, was killed by police in D.C. after she rammed her car into barricades and led police on a … [Read more...]

Anthony Robinson, Founder of iloveblackwomen.net, speaks on the controversy surrounding his new dating site

attractive african woman topless

Since Mr. Anthony Robinson announced that he was starting a dating site for black women and men (of all races/ethnicities) who were interested in … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Court Overturns 20-Year Sentence of Black Woman Who Claimed, “Stand Your Ground”

marissa alexander

It looks like Marissa Alexander will have one more chance at freedom. A Florida court overturned her conviction, condemning her to 20 years in The … [Read more...]

Did This Little Girl Lose Her Crown Because She Looks Black?


Beautiful little Jakiyah McKoy was probably over the moon when she won the Little Miss Hispanic Delaware title. In a cruel twist of fate, it was … [Read more...]

News Items This Week We Didn’t Cover (But Should Have)


Sometimes you have those weeks where there's just so much WTF news you can't cover it all. Or sometimes you're just overbooked with being the … [Read more...]

Unapologetic Swirler Zoe Saldana Gets Hitched!


This just in from US Weekly: Zoe Saldana off the market! The Blood Ties actress and beau MarcoPerego secretly tied the knot in London in June, Us … [Read more...]

You CRAY, Mayor Bloomberg! Showing off your beautiful interracial family is not racist.


Now that Bill de Blasio may actually be close to winning his campaign for Mayor of New York, some of his detractors are starting to let their claws … [Read more...]

A US President Wants to Bomb a Middle Eastern Country? Heard That One Before…

Barack Obama

Something told me that awarding Barack Obama with a Nobel Peace Prize barely 10 months into his first term as President was a bit … [Read more...]