Alt Right Leader Richard Spencer Gets Clocked By Another White Guy…Are We Wrong to Love It?

Alt Right spokesperson, Richard Spencer got sucker punched on live television while on an interview with CNN. The assailant wasn’t of the brown persuasion, but you can clearly see from his hand that he’s a white male. I presented my take in this video.

I got a lot of pushback from people who disagreed with my position, but before I share that with you, here’s my take:

For all those (mostly men) coming in here all outraged that I’m not crying over Richard Spencer getting his clock cleaned, understand that MEN fist fighting over politics is as old as time. Have any of you seen the Italian parliament? LOL…look, you guys have the testosterone. Men get pissed, they OFTEN throw punches. A pulled punch may be harmful to the ego, but Richard Spencer will live to fight for his One White World Order another day. Now if he got shot, that’s another matter. This was one man dueling another with his fist, not a firearm. Let’s all take a breath here. P.S. And if Richard Spencer wanted to press charges against his assailant, he ALSO has the right to do that, and I wouldn’t oppose that, either. Because…actions…consequences. If he’s gonna be man enough to throw a punch, he better be man enough to face an assault charge.

Here were some of the positions mostly white guys voiced:

“Your completely wrong in this. Getting hit is the “consequence” for speech? You’ve just embraced the tactics of the people who put out your information because of what you say. There are no bad tactics, only bad targets, right?
Love you Christelyn, but you’re wrong.”

“I am dis appointed CK, where you aware that a get together at a protest at a university against a Milo pro trump gathering the peaceful left shot to death a teenage boy and hurled bricks, this is not okay! I have disagree with this man often and you should watch this not to agree but to understand this is going to lead to backlashes and everyone will lose!”

“What is with this liberal-style mental illness? Whenever they condemn something and they do it, it’s only alright for them, even to the point that “democracy didn’t give me what I wanted so it’s bad, but if my candidate won it’s a good system”, or “Trump is going to lose and these Nazis are going to protest against democracy… oh Trump won let me just get out and riot”.

What say you?

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