The Unsettling Reason Why This State Farm Photo Got So Much Hate

The internet was all abuzz at the extreme backlash from keyboard hooligans after State Farm released this photo with the caption, “Who said yes? Cheers to the newly engaged this holiday season! #ProtecttheBling”

The response was swift and cruel. You can click through the links of vileness if you like, but I wouldn’t bother. Racists aren’t that creative and we’ve seen all that stuff before. I know that some of my fans will say “Not my fight!” or point to the many MANY black male trolls who have come here over the years to reminds us that that they swirl at twice the rate we do. I get your feelings, but I can’t take that position. If I advocate interracial love options for black women, I must support that option for the men as well. To not do so is hypocritical.

Here’s the Secret…

There’s a little secret most of you don’t know. While marketers are putting more ads of interracial couples in their circulation, television isn’t so progressive. In one closed do meeting I had with a Los Angeles production company to discuss the possibility of an interracial dating show, one of the top dogs told me frankly that networks have done research on interracial couple combinations, and the results may (or may not) be surprising to you. Apparently viewers who see a white woman in the kitchen and a black man walks in as her romantic interest, viewers will promptly change the channel. However, audiences seem to be more tolerant of a black woman as a white man’s romantic interest. It seems as if white men paired with any kind of woman–African American, Hispanic, Asian, whatever–is  acceptable for most of the viewing public.

Count that as another bullet point for white male privilege, I guess.

In any case, I really wish the racists would crawl back into their caves instead of somehow being emboldened by a president-elect who they think will act out their crazy fantasies of America going back in a time machine to 1954. This is the NEW normal…people are RACE MIXING. It IS a thing. Best move on with life and try to pick up the pieces.


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