Chinese Men are Snatching Up Ugandan Women, and the Men Aren’t Happy.

Interracial dating and interracial marriage is increasing internationally. The government of Uganda is becoming increasingly concerned that Chinese men are infiltrating their country, first with trade, then with marriage–of Ugandan women. The government is increasingly concerned that these marriages are scams so Chinese men can continue to work within the country.

I continue to be PUZZLED at how outsiders are continuously able to PEACEFULLY exploit this continent and it’s people. A quote from one of my die-hard You Tube subscribers:

“There is a few factors at play here, China’s one child policy, income disparity, I do have some problems not with people marrying but with the great land grab going on in Africa, China has secured one trillion acres to grow food for china, meanwhile using genocide on local tribes to clear the land, the price of maze has trippled as food production moved from local to chinese, it’s causing those on borderline poverty to starve, of course companies like goldman sacks and blackstone are partners with the chinese in the rape of Africa’s resources I have a vid I did 4 yrs ago called the great land grab.”

Interesting developments, indeed.

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