Want to Curb Your Spending? Study Says Shopping In High Heels Helps You Make Better Buying Decisions.

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Who knew your Jimmy Choo's could help you shop smarter? Oh but it does, say researchers at BYU, who discovered that a "heightened sense of balance" … [Read more...]

On The Death Of Christopher Lane


Many high profile African-Americans lamented the image of young black men as criminals during the Trayvon Martin tragedy. To them, it isn't fair that … [Read more...]

Like, Wow. Black Woman Talks Down Gunman, Saves Children.

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We talk a lot about the "Strong Black Woman," how she works tirelessly to "save alla our people," giving no thought at all to her own needs. But when … [Read more...]

Restaurant That Turned Away Interracial Couple Being Attacked Gets Dinged on YELP

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The interracial dating/marriage and gay community is outraged by the news that a married couple and a gay man were attacked by RACIST THUGS outside of … [Read more...]

Oh. My. God. Study Shows Black Women More Likely to Get Bank Loans Because They are Viewed as “Industrious Single Moms.”

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When I first saw the headline of this press release, I was pleased and sort of proud... "African American Women Have Good Odds of Getting a Loan. … [Read more...]

Our Sh*t Is Beginning to Stink: Bill O’Reilly Addresses Out-of-Wedlock Rate, Get Ready for More


The Black blogospere is up in arms again because someone outside of the "black collective" has the nerve to comment on our abysmal 80% out-of-wedlock … [Read more...]

Another Rich and Powerful Man Grabs a Sistah–Former Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley’s Main Squeeze

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The entire city of Chicago is abuzz with the news that former Richard Daley is dating again. And take a look at who she is.   Daley came … [Read more...]

Rae Dawn Chong’s Comments About Oprah Exemplifies Intra-Racial Hateration


Thanks to my many BB&W look-outs, I came across some pretty vile comments said by Rae Dawn Chong about Oprah Winfrey. It's pretty shocking. From … [Read more...]

Good News You Can Use: Two Teens Chase Down Kidnapper— Rescue 5 Year Old in PA


CNN is reporting this amazing story of one lucky girl and some very grateful parents in Lancaster, PA. Two teenage boys are being hailed as heroes … [Read more...]

Chris Noth, Looking HOT, Says His Biracial Son is “Natural Evolution,” But “Black Media” Does Typical Fear Mongering.


This morning I did my usual rounds of news gathering and came across a post from Clutch, sort of suggesting that "Sex and the City" actor, Chris Noth … [Read more...]

On Your Guard: The ‘Blacklash’ Has Begun. Violence Against BW/WM Couples and Families Trending.


Last week, news came in from the U.K. that a biracial child was snatched from a stroller and received a broken collar bone because some BEAST didn't … [Read more...]