How Do the Men Who Voted Trump Reconcile That with Non-White Wives?

I, like many others, are pretty shocked at the election results tonight. While I didn’t vote for either candidate, I know one was a lot worse of an “evil” than the other. One candidate thinks that because he’s a “star” he can do whatever he wants to women, married or not. Even grab them by the pussy. One thinks all black people live in the inner city and dodge bullets. Oh…he’s all for “stop and frisk” too. One is a bully and makes fun of handicapped people, and thinks Mexican immigrants are rapists (with the exception of “some” good ones). One candidate lies about big things, little things, ANYTHING without any real consequence. One candidate is gleefully backed by white supremacists.

So I have to ask…to the white men here on the blog, how do you reconcile your support for Donald Trump, knowing all these things? Do you just…ignore all that because you hate Hilary?

I mean, seriously. My husband is white, and so are his parents. I can guarantee you none of them voted for Donald Trump. My inlaws wrote in “Jeb Bush.” My husband left his blank. I wrote in John McCain. But to ACTIVELY desire to usher this SOCIOPATH into office? A man who relishes in dog whistling white nationalist? How do you look at your black women and biracial children and make that be okay??

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