Biracial Actress, Meghan Markle is Tied Romantically with Prince Harry. But…

rs_1024x759-161030161526-1024-prince-harry-meghan-markle-2-kg-103016A few of my fans have asked me to touch on all the gossip surrounding the reported budding romance between Prince Harry and actress, Meghan Markle. They wanted me to address it because some consider Meghan “black.” But one look at her and you know there’s something more there.


At first sight, I didn’t see any trace of African in her, and when I saw this video from People magazine, I got even more curious.

Don’t miss that the mini bio ONLY shows Markle’s father. Which led me to want to investigate further. I googled, “What race is Meghan Markle” and the first thing to show up was this:


So…why, then, did People magazine display a picture of Markle’s BLACK mother?? It was easy enough to find. Doria Ragland divorced Markle’s father when she was six. But a simply search found me this:


The media has in the past HIDDEN the spouses of white man who marry black women. Doesn’t seem to be so much of a big deal the other way around, however. It took eons for me to learn that Robert De Niro has always dated and married black women, and has several biracial children.

Another issue of concern to me is how quickly some black women are rushing to claim Marble as a “black woman matched with royalty.” This is wrong thinking, in my opinion. The One Drop Rule that has plagued the black community since slavery has been exceedingly damaging to all involved, and we as black women should not summon that racist doctrine when we believe it may benefit us. Markle is biracial, and has the right to claim ALL of what she is. As a mother of two biracial girls, I refuse to pound into them the notion that because I am black, that’s all they are also. People have a right to their identity, and to fully embrace all the DNA that created them.

My final thought on this is…will the royal family of England really embrace a woman with African American heritage? It’s been rumored that Markle has already met Harry’s father, Prince Charles. If that is indeed true, that holds some significance. As liberal as the isle of Great Britain seems, the highest class is loathe to sully all that lily whiteness. I’d be delighted to be wrong. Perhaps the family cares less because with the line of succession, it is unlikely that Prince Harry will ever be king.

What say you?

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