Eve is On Wedding Countdown to Becoming Mrs. Cooper!

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Once I was able to wade through the mass of ads and commercials to actually see what's up, Madame Noire reported that Eve has just celebrated her … [Read more...]

“Would a Rainbeau Accept My Special Needs Child?”

Alexis Weise 5

Dylan A recent post on my Facebook community page sparked the question: "Would a rainbeau accept my special needs child??  Any single woman who loves … [Read more...]

WHEW! Halle Berry Calls Her Hubby “Delicious.” Guess They’re Still a Thing!


Hey you Halle Berry fans, your worries might be over. Looks like Halle Berry is loving on her husband, Oliver Martinez, and calls him "delicious." … [Read more...]

Lovely in Lavender: Claire and Phil

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Look at Phil and Claire's beautiful wedding photographs.  It seemed very well planned, simple and elegant.  I found these on Hitched.  Enjoy these … [Read more...]

Swirling In History: Vintage News Clippings of Couples Who Dared to Love When It Was Damn Scary

Raymond Stough and Beatrice Williams Wed in Chicago with 1000 guest  Jet Mag July 17, 1952

We don't need Black History Month to know about swirling black women throughout history.  But since it is February, and I like history I thought it … [Read more...]

All In Her Smile

Misha Tague 2

Misha Tague shared such a cute story of how she met her husband Jason with me, that I decided to share with you in BBW-land. Jason works … [Read more...]

Check Out this ChoNilla Couple: The Nive Nulls

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Where you and your partner are from? Kansas City, MO Both of your age? I'm 24. She's 27. Same birthday, actually.  Fun fact :-) How you … [Read more...]

How Long Should You Hang On to Your Marriage?

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By Jane Brown Do you know how long marriage expert Mort Fertel says you should work on your marriage, once the thought of divorce enters your … [Read more...]

Model Lanisha Cole Fires Back On Haters of Her Non-Black Fiance

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If you've ever watched The Price is Right or Deal or No Deal, you've probably seen Lanisha Cole prancing around the set. With a gorgeous set of legs … [Read more...]

Circles of Support: What Do All These Women Have In Common?

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What do we all have in common? We all love yoga, of course. But that's not all. Each of us are interracially and inter culturally married. Starting … [Read more...]

Yolette and Dustin, Wedded Bliss

Yolette and Dustin 2

I met Yvette Joseph Burger via Swirling and Marriage.  Yolette submitted some of her gorgeous wedding photos and now I am sharing with you.  I got a … [Read more...]