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Another Pink Pill Dosage: Couples in Review, Part 2

We are back again with another “Pink Pill Dosage,” where I look back on some of the past couple spotlights, and draw some advice, insight and real-world truths. Let’s take another look at some of our great couples.


Trini, one of our other writers, gave me a power-packed interview, full of tips, insight and words of wisdom for our audience. I didn’t want to take out a thing, so she got quite a few couple spotlights. I would encourage you to read each segment. I love when she mentioned “enlightened self-interest” in her third article, as that is a very common phrase with my loved ones. Get a load of this tip:


“I don’t let unpleasant people take up too much space in my life. People are constantly letting others know their character, and we have to be aware of that. It is so important to be wary of others and to have enlightened self-interest. Vet people carefully and weigh everything in and around your life. Take every single person coming into your life on a case by case basis and see how in the time you spend with them, they benefit or take away from your life. 

Let go of obligations to others and those you think you owe something to. You need to put your needs first. Don’t let other people’s guilt or personal issues become YOUR reality and that really MUST include family and friends. They are important, but we have to master the art of, “No.” “

She has more amazing content, so please take a look at the articles here, here, here and here.


As Pink Pill ladies, we have to look out for number one. Opinions are like noses, everybody has one. Just chew the meat and spit the bones. Take what advice works for you and apply it, and don’t worry about the rest. Living a Pink Pill Life is living a carefree but strategic life.


Katie was our first French-speaking participant. I love that we got a chance to speak French together, and collaborated to write and translate this article. She shared about the ups and downs of her relationship, and how it brought her and her husband even closer together:


“The secret to our long-lasting relationship is that we really care about each other. We are always looking for ways to attract each other and spice things up. We spend a lot of time together. And above all, Philippe fully accepts my African culture, which is quite different from the French culture. As I have lived in France for a long time I am also very familiar with his culture as well.”

I loved this part of their interview. Whether you are a newlywed or celebrating many years of love together, it’s important to keep things fresh between the two of you and let the love continue to grow. I also appreciated that they accept each other’s cultures. Taking the time to learn, welcome and embrace that side of each other, is the key to a rich and loving relationship. To read more of Katie and Philippe’s story, click here and here.


Samantha and Freddie were our first “blatino” couple. They have been dating for some time, and are starting to talk about marriage. We will them, and their relationship, all the best! Samantha and I spoke a lot about online dating, as she had an excellent strategy and vetting process during her initial dating period. You ought to read her take on online dating: 


Online dating gets a bad wrap. It can work if people have realistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations can get in the way of really deep connections. It makes a difference (in your perspective and your results) if you’re just looking for a casual relationship or something serious. Freddie was really intentional, so that set our relationship on a specific path. He wanted us to take our time and build a relationship on a strong foundation. 

Dating requires vetting on all levels. It is important to look for people whose goals match yours, so you can align yourself strategically. If online dating is the path for you, craft the strategies to put your best foot forward on the dating area. we have plenty of articles on this website with tips for you.  If you prefer a more traditional approach, we have plenty of articles to support your relationship journey as well. To read more of Samantha and Freddie’s story, visit these links for part one, part two and part three.


That’s all for this walk down memory lane. It has been a great experience working with each of these lovely ladies, and I hope to share insights from each of them. Here at Beyond Black and White, we’re looking to highlight black women in positive interracial relationships. If you are interested in sharing your story, please leave a comment below, connect with Christelyn, or email me at [email protected].

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