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Kym and Nick: Going the Distance, Part 2

Kym and Nick continue to share their story in this article. You will particularly love their marriage story and how they overcome the challenges in their life. I hope you enjoy this piece!


Did you face any challenges in your relationship? 

Our main challenge was distance for a while. To address that, we talked everyday, several times a day and we took turns visiting each other.

How do you deal with difficult times?

We deal with them together. No one sits by and watches the other go through something. We work through each other’s problems, hand in hand, because we love each other and we are partners. Trials have to face us NOT the other way around.


Honestly, it is important for us to have compassion for each other’s families. We LISTEN to each other whether or not we agree. We acknowledge the validity of one another’s feelings and we do NOT EVER go to bed mad or leave without saying, “I love you.”


How are things now with friends and family? Are they supportive or are there any outstanding issues?

Our friends and family love each other. 


What are some of the expectations you had before your relationship?

My husband would say he had no expectations coming into the relationship. I expected him to change at some point and not be who I fell in love with but I’m so grateful that day never came! 

Looking back on some of those expectations, how have they changed now?

Neither of us expected marriage. My husband said he wanted to marry me right away! But I didn’t want to get married again. Truthfully, it wasn’t something we HAD to do. We were fine without it but there were legal things down the road that we wanted to be prepared for. But we knew we were committed to only each other. 


What are some of the things you do to keep your relationship growing?

Our relationship just comes automatically. I think all the things we do naturally is what keeps it going. None of it is work, none of it is forced. We’re super affectionate to each other. 


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