Some May Have Scoffed, But 300-Sandwiches Lady Just Got Engaged at Sandwich #257.

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Three-hundred sandwich lady made headlines last year (and sparked outrage to both militant feminists and the pro-black, anti-interracial relationship … [Read more...]

Eve is On Wedding Countdown to Becoming Mrs. Cooper!

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Once I was able to wade through the mass of ads and commercials to actually see what's up, Madame Noire reported that Eve has just celebrated her … [Read more...]

Model Lanisha Cole Fires Back On Haters of Her Non-Black Fiance

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If you've ever watched The Price is Right or Deal or No Deal, you've probably seen Lanisha Cole prancing around the set. With a gorgeous set of legs … [Read more...]

Yolette and Dustin, Wedded Bliss

Yolette and Dustin 2

I met Yvette Joseph Burger via Swirling and Marriage.  Yolette submitted some of her gorgeous wedding photos and now I am sharing with you.  I got a … [Read more...]

Eve Lands New Interracial Comedy Sitcom on ABC

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Well, well, well. Looks like Eve is having an awesome start to her 2014. With a billionaire at her side, and a refined and mature image these days, … [Read more...]

Nicky and David – From School Crush to Marriage

david and Nicky 35

William and Kate Who???  Nicole "Nicky" and David Snide are one of the most romantic couples I have come across in the last two years.  I often post … [Read more...]

Oneika, our Favorite Traveller, Gets Engaged!

Oneika and Liebling

The holidays are a really popular time for couples to get engaged. Something about the prospect of spending yet another Christmas eve or Hanukkah with … [Read more...]

Kiss Worry Goodbye: The MUA Box Keeps Your Privacy Completely Private

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Pssst...Hey you! Yeah, you with the unmentionable objects kept in the draw with your other unmentionables. Have you ever wondered how you can conceal … [Read more...]

Somebody Call the GAT-DL! Another White Dude (Who Doesn’t Want Black Women) Marries One!!


I'm admittedly not a fan of WWE, but I AM a fan of hot dudes. And I thought with all the negativity we might make a little fun. Ladies, feast your … [Read more...]

Swirling and Marriage – Beautiful Blindian Engagement

Varun and Beth 6

Fabulous Engagement Photos of Varun and Beth from Canada.  They look so in love. All photos by Jensen Captures Photography. Beautiful … [Read more...]