Today is Cyber Monday. Buy SWIRLING for Yourself or for a Friend!

"What's this, Helen, a cure to my chronic depression? THANK YOU!!"

Yes; this is a shameless plug. But it you can't be shameless in your own house, where then, can you? While you're out and about, or rather, in … [Read more...]

LMU Book Signing Full of Young, Black Women and Fathers Concerned for Their Daughters

Screen shot 2012-10-04 at 9.21.47 AM

Last night Janice and I did a book signing at our alma mater, Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles (go Lions!!). We packed the house and sold out … [Read more...]

BB&W and SWIRLING Comes to San Francisco October 13!!

Ricky Del Rosario

I'm finally hearing that San Francisco has began their five minutes of summer this month, which is a nice change because when I was ACTUALLY THERE IN … [Read more...]

Rainbeau Spots a Girl Who’s Never Swirled, Too Shy To Speak Up But…


Remember Josh, the shy guy I mentioned on my Atlanta recap post yesterday would spotted a gorgeous girl who came to our event who never dated … [Read more...]

Atlanta Recap, In Pit-chas!

Me and Natasha cheesing it up for Instagram

My Atlanta trip was probably one of the BEST, was THE BEST trip on the SWIRLING book tour thus far. I got to go to the CNN center NOT as a … [Read more...]

Plan Our D.C. SWIRLING Party and WIN a Free T-Shirt and Dough!


Me and the good folks at Interracial Dating and Social Connections (IDSocialConnect) Meetup Group are planning to a HUU-UUGE event in Washington D.C. … [Read more...]

Ladies, It Looks Like We’ve Got Some Allies…!


Last night's SWIRLING event in Brooklyn was by far the largest we've had so far. My agent says that there were about 160 people there, so woo … [Read more...]

Hey BB&W–Meet Me in Brooklyn!

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The deets:   My pals Alex Barnett and Abiola Abrams will be on the discussion panel.  You can RSVP here. Brenda and Karla, note the … [Read more...]

Time to Address All this “Men Are Men” and “The Myth of the White Knight” Memes


Several of you ladies have sent me links to a few trending stories about how "mystified" some black women bloggers are about all the "hoopla" … [Read more...]

Custom-Made SWIRLING Earrings!


Got to love Twitter. It's mostly inane, but sometimes you can hook up with some great folks, like jewelry artist, Carlea Jones of Lycelle Marie … [Read more...]