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Plan Our D.C. SWIRLING Party and WIN a Free T-Shirt and Dough!

Me and the good folks at Interracial Dating and Social Connections (IDSocialConnect) Meetup Group are planning to a HUU-UUGE event in Washington D.C. on November 7 at a place called Tonic Foggy Bottom. (huh? what’s with you East Coasters and your funny names for stuff?)

Since a bunch of BB&W readers live in the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia area, we’re expecting a few hundred people. But you know me, I don’t do just drinks and small talk–we’re gonna have shindig to beat all shindigs, because you’re gonna help us think up some ideas. Whoever comes up with the best and most usable idea the we use as the theme will win a free SWIRLING t-shirt, a FREE month membership with online dating site,, and a $40 Visa gift card.

So get on it–let’s see those ideas!

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