Niala: Dress Smart Like a London Lass


Walking the streets of London is equivalent to walking down a haute couture runway. When I leave my flat, I have to keep up with the well-dressed … [Read more...]

Are the Brits Down with the Swirl? YES.


Turning heads, coy smiles, and sudden attempts at conversation: things I experience everyday down in London. I’m going to answer the question I’m sure … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: English White Guy Asks Me How to Meet Black Women

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I received this note from "J," a young man living in England who is interested in black women, but it unsure how to approach them. After you read … [Read more...]

Want to Get Your Degree Overseas — for Free?

adrianne george lind

I have always been a go getter. When I was a teenager in high school, the opportunity came to be a summer student in Mexico. I along with a few … [Read more...]

Take Your Show (a)broad!


Ladies, many of you want to go to Europe, Asia or Australia. I am an advocate of international travel if for nothing else, the experience, different … [Read more...]

Even from London, BB&W Intern Niala Nags Us Like Aunt Ethel to Get Out and Vote Today.


I walked into a local London thrift store, and saw Obama’s Audacity of Hope laying in a shelf. I jokingly said, “I should probably read this being … [Read more...]

So you wanna go to a film festival? Part II


Here’s part 2 of my experience at the Toronto International Film Festival (known as TIFF) a few weeks ago. You can read part 1 here … [Read more...]

Some Really Good Reasons You Should Check Out the Fall Film Festivals, Part I


The fall film festival season is upon us! With Toronto, Venice and New York behind us, BFI is underway in London and AFI is coming up in Los Angeles. … [Read more...]

What do you do with your hair when you go on vacation? Oneika the Traveller talks hair and travel

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Black women, what do you do with your hair when you go on vacation?  I usually struggle. For those of you who don't read my blog, I chopped my hair … [Read more...]

Travel Abroad and Leave the How-to-Catch-a-Man Books Behind!

Leg and shoe on a suitcase

By Jamerican Queen I’ve read many entries on how to attract a man on several blogs including this one and they seem like great pointers…until I … [Read more...]