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Five Totally Unusual Ways to Travel Alone and Still Have a Great Time

I know who you are…I see the stats. You’re single, young, educated, and have some money.

So why haven’t you traveled abroad to discover the world and discover how fabulous the world thinks you are? Because you’d most likely have to do it alone, and that’s scary, right? But it you can muster up the guts, there’s a whole new world out there waiting for you. “Traveling solo can be an incredibly empowering experience. You don’t need to be on anyone’s schedule but yours–and if you feel like venturing off from your itinerary who’s gonna stop you? You’re free to explore what you want, on your own time without the influence of a companion,” says the girls over at Travelista TV, a group of gorgeous black women who travel the world solo. If you need further encouragement to take the plunge to travel solo, check out this article. And then check out the Solo Travel Girl blog, here.

Some Ideas for Traveling Solo

Solo Sailing in Maine 

I got captivated with Maine when I started reading Stephen King. It’s gorgeous country. Just make sure you visit during the late spring and summer.

“Safe, fun, no (or really low) single supplements, friendly shipmates, new adventures…these are just a few of the reasons women feel comfortable sailing solo with the Maine Windjammer fleet. Prices average $170 per person per day, all meals and activities included. That works out to less than $1,000 for a week-long vacation or about $600 for a 3-day cruise.”


The Schooner Victory Chimes, built in 1900, is one of eight ships in the Maine Windjammer Association that offer three- to six-day sailing adventures along the coast of Maine.

“Over the last few years, we¹ve noticed a higher percentage of reservations for single women, up to about 15 percent. Age-wise, there’s no commonality, and they’re an equal combination of single women, empty-nesters and widows.  Because
our trips are very communal (meals, sail handling, shoretrips), these women find it easy to fit right in. There’s a great sense of camaraderie that develops very quickly at sea–meals are served family style, so everyone’s included in the conversation,” says Meg Maiden, marketing director for the Maine Wind Jammer Association.

Flirt Till Your Feet Hurt in London

Swedish man

Now this is a tour that might/could land you a husband. Try the Flirtology Tour, says Casey Wohl of the Girl’s Getaway Guide.

Secure yourself a date by attending a walk with a difference! The interactive “Flirting & Walking Tour of London” is now in its eighth year of operation. Participants are given practical tuition and theoretical guidance on a two-hour tour of the hitherto unrecognised flirting highlights of Central London’s art galleries, bookstores and supermarkets.

And after you get your flirt on, take that cutie with you to all all the other London-y stuff.

Fashionita? Try a guided tour through Paris.


Paris. Fashion. Champagne.

You’ll love all three…

We are a company owned by women, run by women, solely for women which combines two of our favorite loves Travel and Fashion. What can be better than tapping into your inner fashionista in Paris?

As the capital of fashion, the home of illustrious couture houses and a city with a history of sartorial savoir-faire – Paris has also made a name for itself as a prime-shopping destination for many women.

Our Je Suis. FASHIONISTA six-night fashion-focused guided journey spotlights the best of fashion available exclusively in France, including private lingerie fittings, trendy designers, jewelry, handbags, scarves, shoes and, of course, vintage couture.. Personal fashion stylists will guide guests every step of the way! Oh and let us not forget the delectable food, fine wines and opulent architecture that make this city the perfect destination to Celebrate Yourself!


Love to Cook? Get Lessons from the Source

Imagine the street creed you’ll have after you learn how to cook from the pros from these countries?



Brittany on a Plate

Classic cooking in Gascony

Passport to Provence

Cooking in Loire Valley



Taste of the Med (Southern Italy)

Networking in New Orleans

With FestiGals, women of all ages and backgrounds can connect and band together to experience one of the most culturally rich and fascinating cities in the world — New Orleans. Created by women for women, FestiGals offers a jam-packed weekend filled with exciting activities including inspirational seminars, a culinary demonstration with a renowed local chef, private New Orleans home tours, cocktail parties including the annual “Stilleto Stroll Second Line Parade and Party” down world-famous Bourbon Street, and much more. Past FestiGals attendees have raved about the lifetime friendships they’ve formed and the memories they’ll cherish for years to come.


The 4th annual FestiGals weekend experience will be held from June 19th to the 22nd at the Hotel Monteleone in the historic French Quarter. For more information visit

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