Take Your Show (a)broad!

Ladies, many of you want to go to Europe, Asia or Australia. I am an advocate of international travel if for nothing else, the experience, different people, cultures, food, air and life in general. Many black American women are living happily overseas with their husbands and families. It is not for everyone, but I still advocate visiting. You may wonder how do you do it?

This is Part One of an interview with two expats. Carolyn Vines, author of Black and (a)broad and blog of the same name is an expat living in the Netherlands with her Dutch husband and daughters interviews Adrianne George, founder of the Black Women In Europe Social Network™. Adrianne, an international powerbroker is a Washington DC native living in Sweden shares her journey abroad from conception through fruition. What an inspiration both of these award-winning bloggers are!

I say get your game plan on. Make a plan A, B, C and an exit strategy. If things don’t work out, the same plane that takes you there can bring you back or take you on to the next city to begin the next chapter of your life. The thing is to just get out there and live. Life is too short so go and do you!

This is Part Two of this wonderful interview. You will find out more about Adrianne’s journey and inspiration for the Black Women In Europe Social Network™. and much more. Where there is a will, there is a way!


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