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Eating in Dublin and Swirling


I spent a wonderful four days in Dublin, after 14 months teaching English in S. Korea. So far almost 2 weeks after leaving Mumbai, India and a month after leaving S. Korea, I have been in eternal bliss.

I found myself wondering the streets of the thousand year old city with a friend, when we stumbled upon a restaurant called Bear. I will do another post on Bear soon.  Anyhow, the manager at Bear told us about their sister restaurant Crackbird where they served free range fried chicken….ok so they had us at fried chicken.

Crackbird is an awesome little place that has a very organic and minimalistic atmosphere, but the food, the food is exceptional.

They do not serve soft drinks or french fries here. Instead, you can choose from one of four of their delicious homemade lemonades. We ordered the Rhubarb lemonade and it was refreshingly fantastic, served in a large mason jar.

Then came the fantastic yummy stuff. Reminiscing about it is making my mouth water. My friend and I ordered the soy (glutenfree) fried chicken wings served with thyme honey sauce and the habanero wings.


Since they do not serve ‘chips’ aka french fries we ordered the hand-rolled croquettes.


All sauces are made in house and the prices are very reasonable. For two people, we spent €25.

If you are looking for a great place to eat out while in Dublin, do not pass up Crackbird, located at 60 Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland. It would be the best thing you ever did.

As for swirling in the capital city of the south, I saw more black people than Irish people–over exaggeration– but let’s say there are many blacks in Dublin. I even saw an Irish lad pushing a mixed-race baby in a stroller. I received a few flirtatious comments and stares, which leads me to believe that Dubliners are indeed open to swirling and black women. The cabbies were friendly and very knowledgeable and the people in general were very friendly and open.

If you are looking for fun in a beautiful place and possibly an opportunity to swirl, Dublin may be a good place. I will be revisiting soon with more of an insight.

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