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JQ Abroad Open Thread: Share Your Overseas Experiences!

Hi ladies, it’s been a long time since I’ve written here and it got me thinking that it’s high time that we shared our overseas experiences. This is where the article involves your participation! I love reading positive articles of black women enjoying their space and time overseas. It creates further encouragement for other black women to explore the world themselves. I am just one of many out there who had the opportunity to live overseas. After my year and half stint in South Korea I moved to Italy for a month and you can pretty much imagine my time there. However, my time in South Korea taught me that my education, talents, and gifts were more valued there than here in the United States. While living in South Korea as an English Teacher. I taught for a total of 5 months. During the 5th month I was referred by a worker in the office to take the position as a Human Resource Coordinator. This would mean I would have to move from Daejeon to Seoul. Now, because I was so used to hearing I needed experience and that I didn’t fit the qualifications, I immediately thought I wasn’t worthy of the position. I believed that there were teachers there for almost 2+ years that probably deserved it more than I did.  I must have declined the offer 2 times until the coordinator who was ready to leave spoke with me on the phone of all the opportunities that came with the job. After much thought, prayer, and speaking with friends I took the job. It was the best decision that I made. Everything I did in the office I am now doing currently on my job here in the United States. If it weren’t for that opportunity I honestly don’t know where I would be working and because of that opportunity I more so, now than ever would like to go back overseas and work again. 299756_2345408869204_1265429996_n This is just one of many things that happened to me while overseas and since so many of the readers here at Beyond Black & White have travel experiences I thought it would be great to dedicate a post on just that! Your experiences! Whether it is romantic, finding work abroad, or making new friends! Do share and let’s encourage one another to travel and see more of the world! Citrina Warren You can find Citrina at and follow here on twitter @JQAbroad.

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