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Tried to send this on the Facebook attack page....

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Subject Heading: ***Interracial Support Facebook Fan Page Under Attack***
Message: "A concerted effort to end an Interracial Support Facebook community is under attack. The original Beyond Black & White Facebook fan was disbanded by a group of people who are diligent in silencing Black women who are interested in interracial relationships. This is an attack on our 1st amendment rights. 
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Can you please put the "Sincerely David and Nicky" video back up? I just watched it for the first time today and would really like to see it again.  thanks!


I enjoyed reading your article. I think that there is a direct relationship that black males have towards black women and violence towards black females. I have noticed that the black church has embraced the patriachal structure of the family spoken of especially in the Old Testament . This sets up for an adversarial relationship between a husband and wife. This is the reason for many unhappy relationships seen in church. A guy told me once that his wife was crazy. I wanted to tell him no you created a toxic environment in your home.

Black women are just like any other women out there. Unfortunately our sisters find themselves oppressed by white society and also by black males. I don't know what it will take to reverse the present toxic atmosphere for sisters.

I would not have done half as well for myself without my wife. We have worked together and built a good life for ourselves. Life is not perfect but we have each other's back.

A man who thinks poorly of his wife will not do well. Everything that he does with his wife will be informed by his low opinion of black women.

I do not see upwardly mobile men tearing down their women. We need to grow up and start thinking for ourselves. A house divided cannot stand.

Brenda55 moderator



I'm sorry but the page that you posted your query on is solely to provide contact information for those wanting to advertise on the site and is not seen by our general readership. 

Brenda55 moderator

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