QOTW: White Guy, 51, Ready to Get His Swirl On…

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The question: Just wanted to say thank you for your advice on fyooz for non-black men on dating or even just letting a black woman know that I'm … [Read more...]

Hey, Did You Know Hollywood Grades Black Women Just Like Color-racists Do? Truly WTF-iest Casting Call for “Straight Outta Compton” EVER


Since I can only take one post per day of people attacking me on my opinions on whether the sky is blue or not, I'm going to simply report the news on … [Read more...]

Unspeakable! New Jersey Reporter Fired for Telling the DAMN TRUTH!

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We live in such a crazy time in America, when saying the obvious will literally get you fired and physically and socially ruin you. I know back in … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Reader Questions Her Commitment to ‘Black Love’


Some people wonder why this blog continues to talk about black men in reference to black women dating interracially. It would seem at the surface, … [Read more...]

Got to Give Credit Where It’s Due…Some Real Knights Rode in to Save Rachel Jeantel


I have to admit I was among the folks who cringed with Rachel Jeantel took the stand in the Trayvon Martin murder trail. She was a walking, talking … [Read more...]

Hilarious Weird Al “Tacky” Has Aisha Tyler and Jack Black Acting Ridiculous


Weird Al's still got it! Jack Black is a twerking fool, and Aisha looks adorable even when she's trying to look tacky. On an aside, what … [Read more...]

Watermelon in a Pot? Yaaaaaeeessss….

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Nothing says summer like a ripe, juicy watermelon. That's why I'd decided to grow some despite my extremely limited garden space. Watermelon vines … [Read more...]

It Started with Just a Few Voices, and Now a Cocophany: The Forces Speaking Up for Black Women Are Being Heard, and Some Folks are Scared

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When you've been blogging for nearly five years, you begin to notice some trends. For instance, I remember when I first came on the scene and the … [Read more...]

More Black Women Taking Up the Fight to Tackle Obesity

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It's no secret that some black women have a complicated relationship with food. For some of us, food means love, comfort, safety. When you're stressed … [Read more...]

Caption This. ESPN, The Body Issue.

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Two words. BRICK. HOUSE. What say you? … [Read more...]