At 46, So Many Lessons…

Next week I’ll be 46. And you know what? I’m sooo good with it. I’ve learned so much, and I still have so much more to learn. Here’s 10 Things I’ve learned in my life that have made a huge difference:
*Be brave
*Stop talking yourself out of success. And stop letting others talk you out of it too.
*Make peace with knowing not everyone in the world is going to like you.
*Take calculated risks—except with your body and soul.
*Figure out what drives you—good or bad. Do more good, figure out how to stop the bad.
*Don’t treat your body cheaply. She’ll reward you or punish you as you deserve.
*Don’t let social media fool you. It is impossible to have thousands of close friends. Get off the internet and make some real ones. *Admitting you are wrong doesn’t mean you weak, and it doesn’t mean you’re not worth a damn. Dust off and do better next time.
*I know World Star is juicy, but limit yourself to negativity. You are what you eat—physically AND spiritually.
*Happy people don’t deliberately hurt others. If this is you, seek some help.
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See you on the other side of 46! xo

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