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Right Wing Royalty! Candace Owens and George Farmer Marry

Ah…ain’t love grand?

Black, beautiful and conservative firecracker, Candace Owens and outspoken Brexit-championing hedge funder and son of a member of the House of Lords, George Farmer married August 31.

For some, this crusader of BLEXIT, a movement to pull black generational democrats away from the “plantation” and the BREXIT poster boy who wants to see Britain leave the European union is a well-matched pair. Reminiscent of a time when nobles married other nobles of distant lands to expand their power and influence.

Admittedly this is quite the polarizing pair. Their conservative positions illicit uhm…strong reactions. On top of that, the are obviously an interracial couple. Candace and George recently discussed their whirlwind engagement on her show on Prager University.

Let’s take the politics OUT of the conversation and look at this union from a Pink Pill perspective, specifically using the lens of mercenary mate selection.

Good old Boy George knew what he wanted and didn’t waste time. He proposed marriage just after two and a half weeks. While I’m reserved about whirlwind marriages [it takes at least three months for the average psycho’s mask to fall off], if put on contrast to another recent engagement announcement by Dr. Boyce Watkins, decidedly on the opposite end of the political spectrum, he proudly beams that after 19 years, he is finally ready to wed.

Another plus is that this merger is cemented by capable values that go beyond, well…black and white. The are both icons for the youth conservative movement in both their countries.

Let’s look at the man she chose, George Farmer. He is the son of a multi-millionaire and former Conservative Party treasurer. He’s also a lifetime peer of the House of Lords.

According to his bio, George was educated at St Paul’s in London, one of Britain’s most exclusive private schools, and he studied at Oxford University, where he was a member of the Bullingdon Club, a male-only dining club. In addition to heading Turning Point UK, he works as a hedge fund manager at Red Kite, which means he’s fabulously rich in his own right and has tons of social capital.

Their future children will have the benefit of being dual citizens and have opportunities that most of us can only dream of. Most of all, George adores her and is incredibly proud of her. “I have the most incredible fiancé in the world. I can’t wait for her to be my wife. She is the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent person I’ve ever met” —He certainly is NO bottom-shelf Brad!

Candace, age 30, left the University of Rhode Island in her junior year. But she didn’t drop out to be a baby mama or work at McDonald’s. She later worked for Vogue and a private equity firm. She’s the darling of the conservative movement and is know as much for her beauty as her steely clap-backs. In addition to developing her craft and becoming a polarizing household name, she is also keenly aware of the advantage she has because of her youth, beauty and reproductive value.

Let’s see: beautiful black woman who dropped out of college and became a political celebrity marries a millionaire Oxford grad with a pop who a member of English aristocracy. Looks like she picked the best man for the job.

Whatever happens with this couple, it’s the Pink Pill way to wish the couple best wishes, and remind ourselves that if you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

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