Coming Soon! The Pink Pill for College Girls!

Since the amazing success of The Pink Pill, the first self-improvement course made specifically for black women, I’ve had ladies ask me if there was a way to distill the vast knowledge, resources, podcasts, videos and lectures to address the younger black women undergoing the college experience. It’s during this crucial time period where opportunities for success in all areas–financially, socially and romantically–will be laid at your feet. Yet, so many black women squander the opportunities set before them because of a lack of coaching and direction. College is the only time in your life where you will be on relatively equal footing with people from vastly different cultures and socioeconomic strata. The Pink Pill for College Girls will be a course AND community for college-aged black women and those up to the age of 25.

Soon the days will be gone when black college girls stayed in their dorms on the weekend and give each other bad perms and hair coloring. The days of black girls haunting the halls of academia virtually invisible are numbered. Black girls will FINALLY get the skills they need to compete and enter high echelons of society, network, and navigate with confidence.

It’s time. No. It’s past time.

If you’re a black woman between the ages of 18-25 or have a daughter, niece, or someone you love in this category, sign up for the mailing list to get the last update on the launch of this new and exciting program, sure to change the entire trajectory of her college life! Join the list here:

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