What the Cuss?

Black Women Out Here Fighting to Wear Bonnets and Nightgowns to School

The internet is once again abuzz with the latest outrage that a (black female) principal in Houston has enacted a dress code…for parents. Apparently, too many mothers were showing up to morning classes looking like they rolled out of bed–complete with rollers, bonnets, and house slippers. The…uh…principle argument of the principal’s decision is that parents are the first teachers of children, and there should be a certain level of decorum to be a good example to the children.

Of course, there was live television commentary of a mother complaining about the new policy, complete with a bonnet on the head. One well-known race hustler said that the new dress code was a tactic commonly used by “white supremacists” to keep the black folks in line. But did I mention already that the principal enforcing the policy is a black woman?

Meh. No matter. She’s probably still a white supremacist bedwench, right Tariq??

Others are saying the dress code is discriminatory and classist. Come on…really?? Poor people can’t afford to take bonnets off their heads before leaving the house? Do these poor people show up to their jobs with nightgowns and bonnets and complain that their bosses are classist for sending them home for wearing sleepwear? Do these same “poor” parents show up to the club in rags and claim discrimination because no men step to them?

Look. The bottom line is this: the way you arrive at a location such as a school, church, job, funeral, etc, is an expression of your level of respect for the people and the place. Showing up in basically your underwear and rollers to a site where you are hoping your child will get a decent education reflects your level of respect for the people and the process–which isn’t a lot.

I find it unbelievable that black women are out here fighting to look like bummy mummies. This is not a battle to have, ladies. Is this really the hill of bonnets and rollers you want to die on???

Black women are out here fighting to be single mothers and wear pajamas to work, and we wonder why we keep losing. There was a time when black women showed up everywhere looking like this, poor or not…

Can we have more of this, please??

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