Jaimie and Nikki

Watch Real Black Women with their Non-Black Boyfriends

I was just goofing around on YouTube so I thought I'd share this with you. Many people don't think Black women can get along with non-Black men. Well … [Read more...]

Jesse Williams

My Top 12 Hottest TV Guys

Just for fun, let's have some eye candy! Here is my list of the hottest guys on TV right now (in my opinion). These guys are so drool-worthy! I admit, … [Read more...]


Being Discerning versus Being Judgemental

Being Discerning This is sort of a rambling post. I just read an excellent article on Psychology Today called "Don't be Judgemental, Be Discerning". … [Read more...]


Studies (and experience) Show Black Men Benefit and Lose by Conforming to Stereotypes while Black Women Always Lose

In two separate studies, Megan Holland and  Simone Ipsa-Landa examined the experiences of Black boys and girls who participated in diversity programs … [Read more...]

Thinking Woman

A Canadian Comments on Similarities between BWE, Black Empowerment Advocates, and Feminists

I am a Canadian woman and my parents are from the Caribbean. That means I am not African American and all I know about AAs is what I see in the media, … [Read more...]

Alfonso and Angela

Black Male Celebrities Are Dating and Marrying Interracially! There is no Reason for Black Women not to do the Same!

I was going through a recent slideshow on Huffington Post of all of the celebrity marriages so far in 2013 (watch the slide show because you will not … [Read more...]

At Home with Stephanie Smith author of Blog 300 Sandwiches and

A Traditionally Feminine Black Woman Under Attack!

Have any of you heard about Stephanie Smith? Well she's a Black woman who is dating a White man. Well one day she made him a sandwich and he joked … [Read more...]

black maid

Everyone Loves The Strong Independent Black Woman!

Dear wonderful Black community, Interacting with Black women has been such a pleasure and I have learned so much! One thing I never realized was … [Read more...]

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Black Women Suspicious When Desired yet Begging to be Desired?

Black Women Suspicious When Someone Desires Them I just read this post on Clutch about a new dating site called I Love Black Women.  According to … [Read more...]

The Curse of Thug Culture

I think things would be much better for Black people if thug culture would just disappear. Wouldn't it be great if you could turn on the radio or TV … [Read more...]

black maid

Accepting Black Women Just As They Are

July 19, 2013   Dearest Black Community,   Darlings, I have been thinking about the way that I view Black women and Black people … [Read more...]


Skepticism about Mentoring

I just read a comment on a blog that basically said, if these middle-class educated people have such a problem with underclass Black people people, … [Read more...]

thinking girl

You Decide: What Kind of Black Woman Are You?

WARNING: If you do not believe in ideals or striving to be better, please do not read this post or comment. If you had issues with my last post I … [Read more...]