Gender Conflict

Everyone Loves The Strong Independent Black Woman!

black maid

Dear wonderful Black community,

Interacting with Black women has been such a pleasure and I have learned so much! One thing I never realized was how much the world loves strong independent Black women (SIBWs)! It’s true! Sweethearts, there have been so many shows and movies showcasing these treasured women like Big Momma’s House and all the Tyler Perry movies that were really successful in theaters! What people love about SIBWs is that they are so helpful and useful. If you ask for help they will come and help you, and they don’t even expect anything in return! They will help again and again and again, even when they have more important things to do. Darlings, they will even help protect men because they are so strong and dominant. That’s really admirable.

But SIBWs don’t need anyone’s help anyway because they are so good at working for themselves and raising kids alone. Other women are just so weak that men and other people put in so much unnecessary effort to keep them safe and buy them things. Sometimes, in order to protect weak women from stress, they aren’t even allowed to work! Men have to marry them and stick around because they are so helpless and pathetic. They are so fragile and delicate, men feel so much pressure to find them and take care of them, sometimes for the rest of their lives. It’s terribly sad really. Men wouldn’t have to do this if they could just find a good SIBW. Fortunately, Black women have a reputation for being stronger than women of other races, so they will have that advantage in the dating market!

Amazing SIBWs are everything that pathetic, traditional women are not. They are not fragile, delicate, sweet, passive, or very feminine like the weaker sex. They are strong, argumentative, loud, hard, tough, and ready to fight like men. They never back down! This is what makes them better than other women. SIBWs don’t bother with that sissy smiling stuff, trying to look pretty, or showing any weakness because if men don’t have to then women shouldn’t have to either. They make their own money and no self-respecting SIBW would allow anyone to treat her like a woman. That would just be demeaning!

Darlings, SIBWs are better than most women because they know what real women are and what men want. A real man wants an equal, so that is a woman who is very similar to man! Real men want women who look, dress, and act like one of the guys not some delicate pretty flower that must be put on a pedestal and shown off! Being called “masculine” is a compliment and a true SIBW will embrace this. Everyone knows that women are the weaker sex and SIBWs were clever enough to realize this and work against the stereotype. Everyone loves SIBWs! So let’s everyone celebrate the SIBWs by chanting their motto, “I’m a strong independent Black woman and I don’t need no man!”

With love and devotion,

Debbie Brown-Right

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