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Watch Real Black Women with their Non-Black Boyfriends

I was just goofing around on YouTube so I thought I’d share this with you. Many people don’t think Black women can get along with non-Black men. Well there are many videos on YouTube featuring Black women and their non-Black boyfriends so you can see for yourself (these are the videos Black-woman-haters love to complain about). These couples exist! Videos where Black women are not being insulted and ridiculed on YouTube seems so rare nowadays, so  it’s pretty refreshing! What I noticed is that they don’t act particularly strange or weird, they are just couples who see to care about each other and get along (they act the way I would expect to act with a boyfriend).

If you are a Black woman who has no idea how to act with non-Black men, then you can learn from watching these women. I find it interesting that a lot of the videos are by women with natural hair. You may notice similarities about the women and draw conclusions about the “type” of Black woman who would find it easier to date interracially but that’s up to you. You can also pay attention to how the couples met to get some ideas. I’ll post a few videos and provide links to more, there are A LOT of videos!

Note: I haven’t watched all of these videos so I don’t know if any of the content is offensive. These videos have a lot of views so someone must have been interested in seeing this type of relationship! Each video is of a different couple.

Naptural85 popular natural hair blogger

(he put a ring on it 🙂

Husband tag with Toni Daley popular hair blogger, discussing natural hair (yes ladies, you can talk about your hair with your man!)

Husband tag 1, Husband tag 2, Husband tag 3, Husband tag 4, Husband tag 5, Husband tag 6

Jaimie and Nikki (you will remember this couple from their proposal and marriage videos)

Boyfriend tag 1, Boyfriend tag 2, Boyfriend tag 3, Boyfriend tag 4, Boyfriend tag 5, Couples tag 123, Couples tag, Boyfriend tag (I have to say, this couple is really hot!)

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