My Top 12 Hottest TV Guys

Just for fun, let’s have some eye candy! Here is my list of the hottest guys on TV right now (in my opinion). These guys are so drool-worthy! I admit, I did start watching some shows just because they were on them. Enjoy ladies 😉

Nick Wechsler

Nick Wechsler (35): This dude is the one of the reasons why I watch Revenge. Best. Hair. Ever. I will also always have a thing for fellow Canuck Henry Czerny on the show.


Scott Foley (41): Scott needs his due because he has gotten so much better with age! He steams up the screen on Scandal…those lips…We all know Tony Goldwyn is also the hotness.

Lucas Bryant

Lucas Bryant (35): OMG OMG, this guy takes my breath away. He stars on the Sci-Fi show Haven and it’s all good…Eric Balfour is also hot on the show.

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles (35): Hands down the best looking dude I have ever seen. Flawless and making me swoon on Supernatural! (anything Jensen…anything). Jared Padalecki is easy on the eyes too.


Christian Kane (39): Christian makes beating up bad guys look so sexy on Leverage. Great legs lol! He also has a country music band called Kane.

Tom Mison

Tom Mison (31): This hottie stars on Sleepy Hollow opposite Nicole Beharie and the show has already earned a second season!


Tim Kang (40): This cutie play the taciturn, short-sleeve wearing, tough guy on the Mentalist.

Ian Anthony Dale

Ian Anthony Dale (35): Ian is just so dreamy! He is guest starring on Hawaii 5.0 and you may remember him from the short-lived series The Event. What are you? Where do you come from? How fast can I get there?

Noah Wylie

Noah Wylie (42): Noah is an oldie but goodie in the entertainment business and has been one of my favorites since he played a cute newbie-doctor on ER. He currently stars on Falling Skies.

Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams (32): I think Jesse beamed down from planet gorgeous and you can catch him on Grey’s Anatomy and shirtless if you’re lucky 🙂

Chace Crawford

Chase Crawford (28): I didn’t watch Gossip Girl but I know this hottie is on it. Mmmm pretty…

Peter Mooney

Peter Mooney (30): Peter Mooney ends the list with some hot Canadian flavor. Dude is flawless and super hot on Rookie Blue 🙂


Just one more! Special mention Billy Burke (46) who I have adored since the movie Fracture and who you know from the Twilight films. He currently stars on Revolution and he is the reason why I plan to watch it 😉


That was fun! I hope it was as good for you as it was for me 😉

P.S. Wow I guess that study was true, guys look hotter when they aren’t smiling in photos lol! Read about the study HERE.

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