You Decide: What Kind of Black Woman Are You?

thinking girl

WARNING: If you do not believe in ideals or striving to be better, please do not read this post or comment. If you had issues with my last post I would prefer it if you did not read this post or comment.     

The purpose of this post is to figure out who the BB& W audience really is, who they want to be, and what they value. In the future maybe a questionnaire can be done to figure out what people like about this site, what they want to see more of, what they want to see less of, why they come here, and how often they comment and why (all would be welcome to respond). This will be some preliminary information gathering.

So, instead of offering my opinion, I’m asking for YOUR opinion. Why not let the audience describe the ideal qualities of the Black woman they want to be or not be, the type of Black woman they are attracted or not attracted to, the type of woman who should or shouldn’t be our role models, who you would want your daughters to be or not be, etc. Not in terms of real individuals (since that really bugs people), but in general terms. Oh yes, if you do not like using adjectives to describe/categorize yourself or other Black women then this post is not for you.

Here are some examples to consider:

Become educated or not?

Natural hair or not?

Feminine or not?

Slim or not?

Intellectual or not?

Socially influential or not?

Popular or not?

Conforming to the majority or not?

Conforming to Black or Mainstream beauty standards of not?

Opinionated or not?

Strong or not?

Independent or not?

Wealthy or not?

Asking for help or not?

Part of the system or not?

Passive or not?

Set goals or not?

Self-improvement or not?

Attitude or not?

Basically, if you had a magic wand and could create/become the ideal Black woman, what would she be like? These are just examples, you don’t have to refer to any of them in particular and please don’t complain about the examples used, you can write about whatever you want. Men are VERY WELCOME to offer their opinions on this post.


P.S. I am unable to communicate helpful messages on this blog in a way that is “palatable”, so I will stop doing them (YAY!). If you like my bitter medicine, respectability politics, and becoming more feminine then you can read my personal blog (haters please don’t visit because it’s a dictatorship over there and I LOVE deleting your comments).  I am no longer updating but there are plenty of posts and useful links. Yes there was snark in some of the warnings, but hey, if other Black women get a pass on having attitude I guess I can have attitude sometimes too 🙂

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