“Allure” Magazine Poll Reveals the Obvious–Black Women Age Well.

"Black women look 16 until they're 80," says David Flint, who prefers dating black women.

Allure magazine polled 2,000 women and men about aging and learned that 86% of the African-American participants believed they age the best (only 81% … [Read more...]

Got a Sweet Tooth? Fish Oil: A Unlikely Alternative for Sugary Syrup On Ice Cream


This is Year Two of me giving up refined carbohydrates and dramatically reducing my overall sugar intake to 15-20 grams per day. It sounds like very … [Read more...]

Black Skin Aging Looks Different, Part II–Focus: Sun Damage

Geesh. She could be the star of one of those "Scared Straight" shows, if they did one on the dangers of boiling you skin with baby oil for that St. Tropez tan.

I almost never buy gossip and entertainment magazines. What for? That's why God (or the Devil) invented TMZ. But I just could not help picking up, … [Read more...]

Five Tips to Get Red Carpet Ready This Holiday Season


Beyond Black and WhiteThe holidays are quickly upon us, and chances are, you'll be invited to at least one gala this season. What will you do when … [Read more...]

Black Skin Aging Looks Different. How It Looks and How to (Temporarily) Fix It. Focus: The Eyes

dark circles

As we age, the melanin in dark skin is our saving grace. The darker you are, the less risk your skin has of looking like a road map of wrinkles in … [Read more...]

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Product Pick: BABOR Skinovage Helps Me Get that ‘Glow’


Lately a few of you have commented that my face has "a glow" in my latest You Tube videos. Well, sitting next to the gorgeous Matthew Hussey would … [Read more...]

Product Pick: Affordable, Effective Help for Acne-Prone Skin

Screen shot 2012-09-05 at 7.27.59 AM

When Maxi Me reached her 13th birthday, I was mostly happy for her, what with all that relishing in her rite of passage into an insufferable, … [Read more...]

Product Pick: Bright Eyes and Maximum Exfoliation


I've written about my favorite skin care line, Innovative Skin Care/IS CLINICAL for a while, and there's a reason for it--the stuff just works. … [Read more...]

Think Your Milky, Dewy Skin Doesn’t Need a Facial? Think Again.

blackhead pic

  Yesterday my mother-in-law treated all us girls to a spa day at a snazzy place in Westport called, Coco Spa, and I had my pick of a … [Read more...]

Product Review: Dove VisibleCare, ‘Toning’


Here is the code for your Review Badge: BlogHer thought I might be interested in doing a review for Dove, who has a new line of cream body washes. … [Read more...]

The BB&W Panel of Judges Have Spoken: Innovative Skincare Gives You Bangin’ Summer Skin

Graduation day, Maxi-Me, The Hubster and Your's Truly

You guys know how much I love the IS CLINICAL line of cosmeceuticals, and have been singing their praises for months. It's because of that line that I … [Read more...]