Fresh This Week: The Body Deli and Hairfinity Expands With Vitamins; Weave Care

Edible Skin Care: The Body Deli

Last weekend I got the opportunity to visit The Body Deli in Palm Beach, California. They’re a natural cosmetics company that creates small-batch luxury skin care items made with fresh, raw and organic ingredients. They have a line of body care products that include shower gels, lotions, hand and body cream, scrubs, oils, mists and soaps in an intoxicating range of scents, like Citron Vanilla, Coconut Cream, Lavender Chamomile, Rosemary Eucalyptus, Rose, and more. The Body Deli also has a line of face and hair products–many of which are so raw and fresh they need to be refrigerated and hold expiration dates. Take a look at my review and tour of the store:

Hairfinity Launches New Weave Care Line and Specialized Vitamin Supplements

Hairfinity made a social media splash years ago with a hair growth vitamin. They’ve steadily expanded the line to include shampoos, conditioner, mask and oil–all aimed to encourage healthy hair growth and reduce breakage. Now they’ve gotten really specific with creating Beneath The Weave shampoo and conditioner, a targeted delivery system that penetrates the scalp with calming, anti-itch, and cleansing ingredients specifically for the hair and scalp under extensions and protective hairstyles.

The pointed nozzle is designed to penetrate through weaves and braids to successfully clean and condition the scalp, so your own hair stays healthy underneath. The conditioner is light enough to use as a leave-in. It absorbs nicely and leaves the hair feeling soft but not coated.

More about the shampoo:

Aloe Vera to calm and provide moisture
Tea Tree Oil helps to clear and prevent distress
Peppermint cools and refreshes
Penetrates bound strands
Free of sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, phthalates, DEA and synthetic dyes.


Aloe Vera to calm and recoup moisture
Neem and Tea tree Oils helps to clear and prevent distress
Marshmallow Root softs and protects
Anti-oxidant protection
Won’t clog follicles
Free of sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, phthalates, DEA and synthetic dyes.

Hairfinity has also expanded it’s vitamin supplement line to include “concern specific” needs with “boosters” like Intense Shine, Volume Builder, Detox & De-Stress and Damage Defense.


HAIRFINITY Damage Defense Collagen Booster $22

A nutritional collagen supplement that boots the hair’s natural defense system against damage caused by the aging process, as well as external factors.

  • Boosts the body’s natural supply of collagen
  • Gluten Free and Soy Free


HAIRFINITY Destress & Detox Anti-Oxidant Booster $22

A supercharged nutritional supplement that supports the scalp’s natural stress reduction mechanisms with the antioxidant power of curcumin, zinc and grapeseed extract.

  • Curcumin and grapeseed extract protect against damage
  • Black pepper increases bioavailability
  • Zinc helps soothe inflammation
  • Anti-oxidant protection and Anti-inflammatory protection
  • Gluten Free and Soy Free


HAIRFINITY Intense Shine Essential Fatty Acid Booster $22

An essential fatty acid nutritional supplement that provides the hair with a boost of Omega 6 linoleic acid, which supports the hair’s natural oils.

  • Borage and flaxseed oils provide essential fatty acids
  • Restores shine and elasticity
  • Gluten Free and Soy Free


HAIRFINITY Volume Builder Amino Acid Booster $22

A nutritional supplement that provides the hair with an intense boost of amino acids, the hair’s natural building blocks, plus support for normal hair growth from the root.

  • Cysteine and methionine provide the hair’s building blocks
  • Lysine, arginine and taurine support the hair follicle health
  • Gluten Free and Soy Free



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