How to Get Rid of Acne

Acne whether you are old or young is freaking annoying! Some people’s acne is mild, meaning here and there from time to time. On the other hand others suffer from painful cysts that form underneath the skin! I’ve had both! All my life I had pretty normal skin with really no acne at all and then when I hit my 20’s something change and I didn’t like it! For a couple of months I had started to get really painful cysts on the side of my cheeks! That’s when I need to go to the dermatologist. Lucky for me I got medication and it hasn’t came back. I’ve learned to keep acne from becoming a big problem again. There are certain things you can do to help care for your acne.

Remove your makeup!

I think everyone knows this but most of us have those days where we just don’t want to do it! My suggestion is to keep makeup wipes by your bedside table. Make sure you clean your face until their is no more makeup on your face. It’s a simple step but it does wonder for your skin. In the morning you can wash your face properly.

Cleanse your face daily!

Something easy and you don’t have to take any medication for it. Always cleanse in the morning and cleanse at night when you have the time.

Use special Products!

Find products designed to work for your acne prone skin. Most acne products contain this one main ingredient, benzoyl peroxide.  This ingredient helps clear pores and fight bacteria. Just be careful not to over  do it because it will stip the skin and make it dryer than usual.


I know it may be scary to add anything else to your face but moisturizing helps! Find a lightweight formula so to not aggravate the skin.

Skip the hard scrubs!

Skip any harsh scrubs or microdermabrasion products as they will exacerbate your problem even more. If you have a dermatologist ask them about chemical exfoliates to see if it’s ok to use.

Get your Diet right!

Yep you’ll hear it a million times and you’ll hear it again here! Diet is so important to keep acne at bay. Look at some of the foods you eat what do you think is causing acne. Some people can eat junk food all the time and not have a single pimple, like me. However there are certain foods that do break me out. Think about dairy, wheat, sweets. What causes you to have more acne than usual. Your diet isn’t healthy find ways to improve it like eating fresh fruit, veggies, water, and tea.You’ll feel better either way.

What are ways you fight acne?

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