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Eric Garner: He Was Murdered. Definitively.

It looks like Eric Garner, the victim of homocide via the Staten Island police, might get some justice. According to the New York Daily News, "The … [Read more...]


New Interracial Relationship Fiction: “Smoke and Mirrors”

Smoke and Mirrors by Tiana Laveen Reviewed by Yema Nelson "SEX, BETRAYAL, SURVIVAL & REDEMPTION.....Smoke and Mirrors" is the latest release by … [Read more...]

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TBT: KISS the Devil, Shame Your Parents

I'm nearly still scared to admit how much the sheer sight of these men turned me on. I'd never seen anything like it, and haven't yet seen similar … [Read more...]


New Anti-Swirling Meme: “How Can You Oppose Racism And Be Attracted To White Men?”

I've been seeing the following bit of stupid making its way around the web at an increased clip. The people who are desperate to guilt-trip black … [Read more...]

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Where Did 64,000 Black Women and Girls Go?

A person doesn't just disappear into thin air but you would think they do when you learn that 64,000 Black women and girls are currently missing in … [Read more...]

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Man Candy Monday: Lustful Arabian Knights of Hot Indian Men

Though I am very much receptive to all types of candy, I do favor a certain flavor when it comes to my favorite treats. Build me a man with dark eyes, … [Read more...]

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TBT: Más, Mucho Más Menudo…..

I heard about the fan fare involving Michael Jackson and dem during the early 80's but I just wasn't into him like that. The bad boy image and curly … [Read more...]

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Man Candy Monday: Wrestling with the Remarkable that is Roman Reigns

Oh, you kids are so, so spoiled. I feed you Man Candy each and every Monday, yet you scream for more various and different kinds. It's like your … [Read more...]

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Willow Smith Snags the Cover of Teen Vogue

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Will and Jada's liberal parenting skills you can't deny that Willow Smith is one awesome young Black … [Read more...]

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TBT: The Beautifulness of Duran Duran Then and Now

Children!! I've got a confession to make. When I was but a wee babe, there was no such thing as (c)rap music!! There wasn't much R&B (as you know … [Read more...]


Got to Give Credit Where It’s Due…Some Real Knights Rode in to Save Rachel Jeantel

I have to admit I was among the folks who cringed with Rachel Jeantel took the stand in the Trayvon Martin murder trail. She was a walking, talking … [Read more...]


Hilarious Weird Al “Tacky” Has Aisha Tyler and Jack Black Acting Ridiculous

Weird Al's still got it! Jack Black is a twerking fool, and Aisha looks adorable even when she's trying to look tacky. On an aside, what … [Read more...]

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Man Candy Monday: Farewell True Blood Edition

Did you shed a tear when you found out this is the final season of the True Blood franchise? I know I am not the only one exceptionally in love with … [Read more...]